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People Have A 'Fundamental Right' To Own Assault Weapons, Court Rules, submitted: 2/5/2016 6:45:14 PM, 235 points (+239|-4)

How it feels to be a Voat user - Fixed, submitted: 6/23/2015 1:01:06 AM, 226 points (+230|-4)

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke blames riots on "black cultural dysfunction", submitted: 8/16/2016 3:18:59 PM, 166 points (+168|-2)

Susan Rice: Too Many Whites on National Security Team Putting America at Risk, submitted: 5/23/2016 1:14:47 AM, 152 points (+153|-1)

Greece defaults on IMF payment despite last-minute overtures to creditors, submitted: 7/1/2015 1:33:59 AM, 136 points (+136|-0)

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Let's all remember fondly our friend Leeroy., submitted: 6/25/2015 10:23:30 PM, 0 points (+1|-1)

Real Estate Investing - An Intro!, submitted: 1/19/2016 6:23:20 AM, 0 points (+1|-1)

But her emails? Youre dang right her emails., submitted: 6/22/2018 3:54:07 PM, 0 points (+1|-1)

Comeys private memos on Trump conversations contained classified material, submitted: 7/10/2017 2:34:52 AM, 1 points (+1|-0)

Harvey Weinstein's Clinton Foundation Donations Won't Be Returned, submitted: 10/18/2017 3:51:36 AM, 1 points (+1|-0)

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Regarding questionable content submitted by Atko to announcements

Scine 4 points 125 points (+129|-4) ago

Hi there. New user with a bit of legal knowledge I'd like to share. I'm not a lawyer, and don't know Swedish law, but here in America, providers such as yourself are not subject to jail time if something is posted on your site because you are "providers", not content creators. That being said, if you are informed of illegal content, then you may be required to remove the material.

Secondly, I know you are working for free, and I greatly appreciate the hard work you are doing. Thus, you will never hear from me complaining about issues or bugging you for more and more features unless you ask for my input. It's a free product, and a great one at that. Complaining about a free product makes you a whiner in my eyes. :)

Third, Free Speech is important, and while I don't go to those particular subverses (don't really care for their particular content), you may want to be careful when banning subverses as you don't want to turn into Reddit, which I abandoned in favor of you. Now, if the content is indeed illegal (kiddie porn, evidence of a crime, etc.), then I agree ban away. If it's just "offensive", then you run the risk of a slippery slope.

Just my two cents. Thanks for the great site!


Microsoft backporting anti privacy features to Windows 7 and 8. submitted by Aginor to technology

Scine 6 points 79 points (+85|-6) ago

Linux. Seriously. It's time for people to stop with this kind of bullshit, and face real consequences.

I'd be VERY curious how this stands in the face of laws like HIPPA.

Mizzou closes two dorms due to lack of students submitted by Troll to news

Scine 0 points 74 points (+74|-0) ago

I do the hiring at my job for my department and I do a background/social media/google search on candidates. You can bet your ASS that if I find out someone is a SJW/BLM/whatever they aren't getting the job. Why would I open my company up to potential lawsuits and lazy bullshit from cocksuckers like this?

3 lowest rated comments:

Global spy system ECHELON confirmed at last by leaked Snowden files submitted by dildonkers to news

Scine 15 points -12 points (+3|-15) ago

I think it's because a lot of people seem to thing Snowden is a hero for exposing the spying on Americans, and are too blinded by hero worship to see the damage he's done to us.

Global spy system ECHELON confirmed at last by leaked Snowden files submitted by dildonkers to news

Scine 7 points -6 points (+1|-7) ago

What's the matter? Did I hurt your feelings by exposing the truth?

Account Deleted By User submitted by Chocopara to fatpeoplehate

Scine 8 points -6 points (+2|-8) ago

I'm going to need to see a pic of you in this dress....for....for science.....yeah...that's the ticket!

Post pics for science!! :)