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Jewish Pharmaceutical Company GSK just paid $300 Million for the 23andme DNA library submitted by mememeyou to news

RugerLCP_2 0 points 36 points (+36|-0) ago

Now we're going to start seeing the dna specific biological weapons

Hahaha Republican wins Ohio special election with last minute surge 99% reporting submitted by bourbonexpert to politics

RugerLCP_2 0 points 34 points (+34|-0) ago

If it teaches us anything the elections are rigged. What are the statistics that virtually every election is ending up 50.1% / 49.9%?

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MGTOW and Feminism is the same thing. submitted by HidiotKojima to whatever

RugerLCP_2 5 points -4 points (+1|-5) ago

glove that fits the hand, is still in the shape of a hand

Do not do business with Jews submitted by stillinit to whatever

RugerLCP_2 6 points -3 points (+3|-6) ago

disagree jewish restaurants tend to have very healthy food. they actually take care of their own.

Rosenstein Impeachment blocked by Paul Ryan submitted by RugerLCP_2 to politics

RugerLCP_2 5 points -3 points (+2|-5) ago

Better just to upvote this comment