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Voat is ditching Google Analytics by Atko in announcements

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[Breitbart] GamerGate Critic Sarah Nyberg Claimed To Be A Pedophile: Milo Yiannopoulos by Quite_Intangible in KotakuInAction

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The dogfucking stuff is copypasta nonsense.

SrButts makes DMCA copyright claims of the chat logs discussing its pedo activity by craschnet in GamerGate

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I get you may want to de-humanise butts or you may not acknowledge transsexual people exist or that they could ever change gender, but surely that would mean you stick to "he", like I see some doing. "It" just makes you look childish.

Just a reminder that this game has a metacritic score of 73 with a user score of 2. When people ask why I'm a gator, I point to this. by dualplains in KotakuInAction

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Because if you criticize it you are a sexist misogynist. It's impossible to not like this game because it's shit. You clearly could only possibly dislike it because you hate women.

I remember Wu being ridiculed in /r/shittyprogramming once over some awful code s/he tweeted, then coming to call all the programmers sexist. No, we're ridiculing your shitty programming because it's shitty programming.

Ellen Pao resigns as Reddit's CEO by yvesmh in MeanwhileOnReddit

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So, I wonder how long until the gender/race discrimination lawsuit comes?

Does reddit even have enough cash, should it lose, to pay for her/her husband's ponzi scheme?

What is your favorite Voat app and why? by nlax32 in android

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I've tried Boats, but it tells me voat is down when it absolutely is not. I can literally be refreshing on boats and voat is "down", yet refreshing on my PC and it's loading quickly. Eh?

If this rumor is right, the OnePlus 2 will be 2015's smartphone bargain to beat by Snuggles in android

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Snapdradon 810, no MicroSD, irreplaceable battery? Not interested.

Love looking at that drop in traffic at reddit. by Gargles in funny

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It's nice and all, but you really shouldn't give Alexa's stats any credit.

Alexa is spyware. Its web stats are based on the browsing habits of users stupid enough to install their spyware on their computers. Thus their stats are heavily skewed towards sites popular with morons (reddit may count at least a little here), and this is why more tech savvy sites are always heavily under-reported.

Reddit censoring slimgur, due to possible common investors between imgur and reddit (from/r/KotakuInAction) by BlurryScreen in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Cause if there's one thing they've learned yet, it's that trying to hide something totally works. Maybe slimgur should put Barbara Streisand in their homepage graphic.