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There is a coordinated attempt to diminish our morale by black pilling us about white women. submitted by RetroDestroyer to Identitarian

RetroDestroyer 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

It is the temporary adoption and repurposing of Islam for our own ends. The selective application of the Islamic principles will allow us to rein in rebellious white women, wage Jihad against non-whites and Jews, and get inactive men fitter through praying towards Mecca 5 times a day. When everything's fixed we collectively become apostates:

There is a coordinated attempt to diminish our morale by black pilling us about white women. submitted by RetroDestroyer to Identitarian

RetroDestroyer 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

The white man must wrest the affections of Allah from the subhuman mudslimes!

In response to "There is a coordinated attempt to blackpill us on white women". submitted by goat2017 to Identitarian

RetroDestroyer 5 points -2 points (+3|-5) ago

The reason why infiltrators will always be successful is because these are actual fault lines that prevent both organizational and racial unity.

They aim to polarize people. They'll exploit the very real fault line between men and women, encouraging further political factionalization between the genders.

They'll encourage the extremist elements of the organization, often posing as hardliners, because they know it hurts our chances at becoming palatable to the public. So they'll encourage strategic faux pas such as committing to Nazi symbols/slogans, trying to rehabilitate the image of the Third Reich, discussions of stripping women of the vote, etc.

Back to the hardliners, they'll go after anyone that's not a sexually normative white male because again, they're trying to keep us divided.

But those divisions already existed. They're where we're vulnerable. And the infighting and selfish power struggles will always keep us divided because we're unwilling to see the forest for the trees. Our philosophical differences exist, and they exist to be exploited.

Vox Day lambasting Anglin. RamZPaul being ostracized from the community. Kessler getting disavowed by Spencer. And just too many self-interested and/or paranoid individuals. And it's generally difficult to differentiate legitimate critique from attempts to black pill/demoralize.

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In response to "There is a coordinated attempt to blackpill us on white women". submitted by goat2017 to Identitarian

RetroDestroyer 8 points -8 points (+0|-8) ago

Gamgee here. Sure there are multiple underlying strategies in this, but sometimes we like to have fun and see what you retards will upvote. I got 2/3 of the top upvoted posts in the last week in addition to some other highly upvoted nuggets.

Each of my posts are like sandwiches with truthful Trojan horse elements designed to win trust in addition to my black/poison/tactical pills. Each sentence has a purpose and redundancy avoided.

There are maneuvers designed to scare normies away, to promote unpalatable ideas, to sow discord by exploiting pre-existing fault lines, and to keep members paranoid and generally distrustful of each other. The idea of different accounts isn't really meant to push you in a particular direction, but instead to create chaos and to impair your ability to coordinate. This is why it's important to control both ends of a debate.

For example, when I outed the women operation:

We need white women in order to continue as a race. Exacerbating the divide wrought by feminism between men and women is counterproductive. Demonizing and antagonizing them plays into (((their))) hands. There ARE good and faithful white women. Ignore all of the trash, seek them out and make babies!

However, White Sharia is on the table if the issue gets out of hand inshallah.

Three points:

  • Make sure you understand that there is a rift

  • Emphasis on the lack of quality women

  • Raise a highly misogynistic and authoritarian principle as a potential solution

A slight nod and a wink to 'White Sharia:' an unpalatable and stupid idea that emboldens the more misogynistic elements of the movement (of which there are plenty). It was edited in after the post was highly upvoted to create the illusion that identitarians might be in favor of subjugating women. This consistent prodding is used to scare away any potential female recruits, women being necessary for your movement's success. I was really hoping that someone would call me out for the coy 'Inshallah.' Then the post is archived and pulled as proof that you're anti-women when need be.

And I had some fun with my alts in that thread. The reason I outed the operation was because people eventually became wise to it, so you join the wave and redirect it. The thing is, these faults exist with or without our exacerbating. They're like bandaged wounds, sensitive targets for strikes. You prevent organization by casting doubt on the leadership, by getting some of your own people into the leadership as soft saboteurs, and by spreading rumors.

The white nationalist movement by its nature attracts outcasts and misfits that can easily be emotionally manipulated. You guys are drooling retards, kept apart, decentralized and uncoordinated with ease. There's no focus, discipline or strategy. It's galling that shit-headed animals could possibly consider themselves "the master race."

Edit: we're in the perception business. Humans are social animals that can easily be moved by things that have no bearing on their day-to-day lives.

Please be wary of submissions with that are intent on dividing us into groups or black-pilling us. There is a concerted being made to subvert the trad movement- don't fall for it. submitted by Empress to TraditionalWives

RetroDestroyer 8 points -8 points (+0|-8) ago

That's not one of my alts. I respect what you do for women, and haven't targeted you with any of my alts. I don't respect white race consciousness when its purpose is to target people who happen not to be white. You don't have a choice in race and it doesn't represent a moral failing.

If that wasn't the ultimate goal of your movement, I wouldn't be in the business of stirring up trouble. I'm not the only shill floating around, but because I'm aware of shill tactics, I can generally sense when someone is a shill. There are groups and individuals spinning webs here for their own purposes, but I can say with total honesty that I've never personally targeted this sub nor have I insulted you.