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Today Is Yom Kippur - Please Go Assault A Jew, submitted: 9/19/2018 4:52:23 PM, -2 points (+5|-7)

Nigger Acts Like A Nigger, Gets Treated Like A Nigger, Niggers Go Ape And King Nigger's Daughter Calls To Boycott Nigger Restaurant, submitted: 5/12/2018 1:11:34 AM, 1 points (+3|-2)

One Salty Hispanic Judge Could Rewind Border Wall Progress???, submitted: 2/9/2018 4:55:03 PM, 2 points (+2|-0)

Do the world a favor, kill a Jewish baby today., submitted: 12/3/2017 7:53:34 PM, 3 points (+8|-5)

No More K.N.I.G.H.Ts, submitted: 5/29/2018 8:34:18 PM, 3 points (+3|-0)

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Actual Bloomberg Headline: Netanyahu Warns Putin That Iran Wants to Destroy 6 Million Jews submitted by Kyle_Rogers_2018 to news

RedditIsForLiberals 1 points 68 points (+69|-1) ago

The 6 million figure has been pushed consistently since the mid 1800s. Those fucking kikes. Always the aggressor and always the victim.

I hope Iran actually does, and then some.

Account Deleted By User submitted by ProudEuropean88 to Identitarian

RedditIsForLiberals 0 points 66 points (+66|-0) ago

No one likes a race-traitor.

Dumb bitches like these deserve to be culled from our white genepool. She forfeited her right to have a normal relationship with a white man when she opened her legs for a dumb filthy nigger.

She betrayed her own kind and deserves to be shunned forever. Same for that half-breed mudblood kid of hers. Genetic abominations, both of them.

Irrefutable evidence of Russian meddling/collusion in the gov't of the USA. submitted by WEHRMACHT_BITCHES_AT to whatever

RedditIsForLiberals 1 points 62 points (+63|-1) ago

That's brilliant.

Replace Israel with Russia, and Jew with Russian.

Brilliant. The Chan's need to see this.

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Damage Control Engaged - PlayStation CEO: The Next PlayStation Console is at Least Three Years Away - Niche Gamer submitted by voats4goats to gaming

RedditIsForLiberals 19 points -13 points (+6|-19) ago

Why any of you would own that SJW piece of shit PS, is beyond me. Normies and SJW faggot beta cucks play PlayStation and Switch.

Alpha males play Xbox/PC If anything at all.

We lost Alex Jones. Infowars is now completely censored. Anonymous has also been compromised. Massive war on us all. submitted by gamepwn to pizzagate

RedditIsForLiberals 6 points -6 points (+0|-6) ago

Which is exactly why I'm praying one of you awesome autistic bastards packs a Uhaul full of ammonium nitrate and drives it straight into [insert liberal institution here] headquarters and blow them all the fuck up.

The trial that Tommy Robinson was sent to prison for? one of the perps was allowed to flee back to Pakistan. Unbelievable submitted by MolochHunter to pizzagate

RedditIsForLiberals 6 points -6 points (+0|-6) ago

If they want to rape our kids, then we should start murdering theirs.

If you see any Muslim kid under the age of 7 walking by themselves, murder that little fucker. Slam his head into a brick wall until he is brain dead.