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Duke University Editorial Equates Racist Words to Murder submitted by daskapitalist to news

Realirony 0 points 11 points (+11|-0) ago

Duke university is located in a town that has a reputation for being one of the most dangerous and crime-laden cities in North Carolina (Durham). Then there is Duke,a private college that pulls a ton of rich kids, yuppies, and foreign exchange students to its law and medical programs. To my knowledge, Duke is full of people like this, while being surrounded by a city that has at least one murder or other serious crime being reported every week.

If I do go to Durham, its for a very short trip to the outskirts where their high quality mall is located

What is your favorite mini-game from inside another video game? submitted by KevinPeterson99 to gaming

Realirony 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago

I'll have to think a little harder to remember my absolute favorite, but the triple triad card game from ff(8?) was a ton of fun.

deleted by user submitted by dudebro48 to WoW

Realirony 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago

I've heard a lot of chatter that the expansion announcement and teaser will be at Gamescom and then the full-detail reveal will happen at BlizzCon. It would allow them to wrap it all up with the movie and set up timelines that they want to try and meet.

Personally though I'm not getting my hopes up for Gamescom, and instead waiting to hear more from BlizzCon, but if they show anything at Gamescom I'll be interested to read/watch it anyway.

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What changes would you make to the classes of WoW. submitted by LostnTired to WoW

Realirony 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

I agree with the class quests being brought back. It added some flavor to the class and helped me to become more connected to my character than I already was. The lock mount quest and, most recently, the lock green fire quest had depth and made me feel like my character belonged to something and had a stake in his class.

While classes still feel special and unique, I'll admit that part of me wants to see utility spells and certain buffs return to be class specific. People can have multiple characters (and most do) and raids, aside from mythic, are flexible now. You can bring enough people that class specific buffs/tools could be brought back and still cover them all in a single raid.

I guess while I'm going crazy, give back paladin exclusivity to the alliance, and shaman to the horde. It was kind of fun seeing classes that were specific to factions. Made the role/class feel different. But of course,I don't mind being able to roll up a dwarf shaman. I'm just wondering what it would have been like if they had stayed exclusive

28/M Trying to lose beer gut, lack the energy after workouts to do core or cardio. Tips or tricks. submitted by Superduck1 to fitness

Realirony 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

I'm not sure how tall you are but everything else about you sounds exactly like me. I'm currently 28 as well and was 195lbs at my heaviest a year ago. I didn't start gaining weight until I was around 25 or so. Like you said, life happened. Before that (teen years until ~24 years old) I was lifting 4 days a week and playing soccer/baseball often. I was maybe 155-160lbs and low bf% at that time.

Right now I'm back down to around 167lbs and went from a 36 inch waist to a 30 inch waist. I had a gut last year, but my stomach is flat again now. I'm still cutting trying to drop a little more bf% before I try to bulk.

The way I lost the gut, waist inches, and body fat was calorie counting. I downloaded that myfitnesspal app and captured everything. Even chewing gum (which is like 10 calories). I stayed below my calorie intake and ran/jogged with added body weight exercises every single day after work. When my stomach flattened out I started going back to the gym to add lifting back into my routine.

I did all this just by limiting what I ate. I started losing the weight even before I began adding more exercise into it. Just gotta commit to the calorie counting and be mindful. You'll lose the gut the same way I did.

Good luck buddy, let me know if you have any questions

What got you into PC gaming? submitted by PurpleFlurp to pcgaming

Realirony 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago


Freshman year of college (2005), my roomie was an avid WoW gamer and I'd watch him raid MC, BWL, AQ, and ZG. I'd be studying for bio or chemistry and watching him and 39 other people fight through MC. Listening to everyone in his voice chat have a good time. Socialize. Etc. He seemed to really enjoy it. I was interested in all the preparation the raids took, all the strategy, the class roles, and the communication. It was something I had never seen before in a game since all I'd ever played was single or co-op console games. The notion of MMO had been lost to me.

I was a console gamer since NES/SNES and I had brought my PlayStation to college with me. I'd let him use my PlayStation if he wanted and he let me make a character on his account and play when he was in class and I wasn't. I made a tauren shaman and it was the most amazing gaming experience I'd ever had. Setting other people IN the game blew me away. And the world was alive and gorgeous.

My sophomore year I bought a laptop that could run the game. Played with my roomie and made other friends in game.

Once I graduated and got a job, I built my first PC and have been a pc gamer since. Haven't touched a console game in years.