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Today marks the beginning of September, the official "Muslims BTFO'd" month, submitted: 9/1/2017 8:03:42 PM, 3 points (+3|-0)

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Today marks the beginning of September, the official "Muslims BTFO'd" month, submitted: 9/1/2017 8:03:42 PM, 3 points (+3|-0)

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Kingdom Come isn't just based, it's actually a really good game too! submitted by 1_61803399 to gaming

Razzoriel 0 points 29 points (+29|-0) ago

This is the spearhead of a new generation of games based on actual history, with little if any fantasy elements into it. The base formula for games is stale, these guys delivered what gamers were expecting after a two-decade hiatus; historically accurate games with fun mechanics meshed in it.

It doesn't matter if the game is fun or not anymore; it brings enormous value by being 99.9% loyal to how medieval Bohemia was at the time, unabashed by identity politics or anything that will take away from the experience. It is the first game I've purchased with its full price tag in several years, and I don't regret it at all.

'Hypatia' Stone Contains Compounds Not Found in the Solar System. The mysterious Egyptian rock contains mico-mineral compounds not found on Earth, in any meteorite or comet, or in the solar system. submitted by http404 to science

Razzoriel 0 points 15 points (+15|-0) ago

Just to be perfectly clear with this: all compounds found in the mineral are composed of periodic table elements.

Israel orders African migrants to leave submitted by GorNos to news

Razzoriel 0 points 15 points (+15|-0) ago

Trump: "We don't have illegal immigrants. We have infiltrators in our country."

MSM: "Trump is literally Hitler for insinuating illegal immigrants that are perfectly fine, functional and do less crime than native populationsTM!"

Trump: "Actually, Israel calls those people infiltrators, and if you disagree with the statement, you disagree with the jewish state, so you're antisemitic and don't deserve a platform."

I have to keep a stash of popcorn just in case this happens.

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This Will Not Stand: Academic Establishment Suppresses Italian Anthropologists Proof That Race IQ Differences Are GeneticFor Now - American Renaissance submitted by RiverWind to science

Razzoriel 7 points -5 points (+2|-7) ago

There was never a Dark Age. There is a lot or content from the period which was documented. The lack of scientific advancements was not due to suppression of freedom of thought but rather of economical reasons.

Steve Bannon: Same Causes of Roman Empire's Decline Can Be Seen in America Today submitted by antiliberalsociety to politics

Razzoriel 3 points -2 points (+1|-3) ago

Bannon is wrong. There are a lot of similarities, but most of the reasons why Rome fell have nothing to do with today.

  • The civilizational replacement in Rome was very different. "Barbarians" often converted to Christianity, and were bound by the same rules as Romans themselves. There was little difference in their culture, because they wanted to be Roman and didn't form enclaves (though some incidents, such as the gothic massacre in Constantinople, stoked cultural divisions).

  • Rome was dependent of egyptian wheat to feed their entire population. When they drove off the Vandals from Europe, they emigrated to north africa with 1/3rd of the Roman fleet, captured by them in a masterful manuever in modern Barcelona; their king knew it was a very busy city commercially, and was where Rome kept their military and commercial ships. He invaded the city, burned down Rome's ships and boarded the ones he didn't burn with his people and the Alans. Hundreds of thousands. Result: Massive piracy in the mediterranean and very few ships to bring wheat to Rome, bread prices skyrocket and inflation is driven upwards.

  • 90% of Rome was under the dole. 90%. For every 10 citizens in a city (the biggest city of the Empire), 9 received government benefits. This is huge. America has a lot of government gibs, but it is nowhere near this number.

  • Foreign forces in the military with months of delayed salaries. Mercenaries and non-Roman people were the vast majority of soldiers. They were sent to fight/control populations other than their own to keep tensions afloat. It didn't help when Rome didn't send their payment in time. Desertion and mutinies were common.

  • Constant assassinations, blackmailing and underhand practices to the empire. Emperors were killing generals because of past cases where they took power. The biggest blow was when Valentinian III murdered the best general the Empire ever had, which obviously led to colossal amounts of instability and a few years later led to Odoacer conquering Rome and transforming the Empire into his kingdom.

Last, but not least:

  • The threat of tribal invasions by the Huns. Attila wrecked what was left of the Roman military. Though the romans won, their entire military was dispatched to modern France and let the other places with no military. When Attila died (one or two months after being forced to retreat from the invasion), he left a huge power vacuum in the places he invaded and conquered, which led to MORE kings with MORE vested interests. When before Rome only had to negotiate with Attila, then they were left with negotiating with dozens of people who represented tribes before answering to the Huns.

So, yea, Americans are doing bad, but are not "perfect storm and combination of fuckups" fucked. Take that as you will, but there are signs of improvement and relative stability here and there.

Want To Deal a Crippling Blow to the Political Elite? Legalize Ibogaine and Free the Masses from Drugs the CIA and Criminal Elite Traffick Into the USA. submitted by AntiTomato to politics

Razzoriel 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

Reading and researching into Phillipines' drug problem history in the last 20 years is very, very amusing. All this talk that going full-blown against drugs does not work is bullcrap; when a president actually wants and has support from their population to solve this problem, it is possible to greatly reduce the problem.