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Im sorry to say this, but Jem777 was a limited hangout. I have screenshots and video to prove it. submitted by srayzie to pizzagate

RIPJem 2 points 3 points (+5|-2) ago

The Truth is not spam and The Truth should never be Banned.

We are the reason for this entire thread. Why are you all such cowards who cannot face The Truth?

Why were you so quick to call for support in order to slide and downvote The Truth in order to hide The Truth?

Srayzie created this submission to directly attack Jenny Moore and The Truth, and to spread lies to manipulate the community. Srayzie does not know ANYTHING. Srayzie spends all day posting and tweeting, and tells others "God Bless" while missing and attacking The Truth right in front of her eyes and mocking Jesus Christ. Srayzie does not comprehend anything that she reads. Her ego gets in the way and she is too enraged by her own shortcomings to comprehend the basics. To her, it's all about her. Srazyie will never be the person that Jenny Moore will always be remembered as. It's not about any one person, it's really about Humanity and The Truth.

Srayzie and others are raging with anger and hate from being exposed, and are swinging wildly in all directions claiming the Jenny Moore was a disinformation CIA agent, claiming Jenny Moore is not dead, claiming Jenny Moore was not murdered, claiming Jenny Moore never helped any victims or children, claiming Jenny Moore was never attacked and beat up in real life, claiming Jenny Moore was not a real victim and whistleblower of corruption, accusing anyone who defends Jenny Moore of being a stalker named Sarah, accusing anyone who defends Jenny Moore of working with Are We Sure who everyone knows is Evil and one of the worst people here, accusing others of being an advanced bot targeting the mods, and claiming that Jenny Moore contributed zero value and calling her names that should never be said about anyone under any circumstances.

Instead of Srayzie and others involved admitting to their mistakes and sins, Srayzie and their army have been working overtime to trick, downvote, attack, coddle and play games with certain users like @carmencita @jangles @Cc1914 @Dressage2 @The_Savant and @gothamgirl to manipulate them into believing lies. Why? Why are they so afraid of anyone agreeing with The Truth?

Srazyie is either a completely ignorant and malicious fool, or she and her cohorts are involved in Pure Evil. Based on her outright Betrayal of Jenny Moore, the murder victim involved, and her continued slander and attacks of the victim and those who defend her and know her personally, The Truth is clear.

Srayzie Betrayed Jenny Moore exactly like Judas betrayed Jesus Christ, and you are all being Deceived by Srayzie and her army of Liars.

We knew Jenny Moore personally. We are a direct witness to many Events involved. Jenny may not be perfect, but Jenny was Trustworthy, and will always be a Good Person. Jenny put her Trust in Jesus Christ and The Truth.

We are not an advanced bot. We have been here since THE BEGINNING. We are putting many lives in extreme danger to share The Truth.

Jenny Moore gave her life for The Truth, and you and your cohorts have been Exposed.

That is why you are so desperate to Hide and Ban The Truth.

Anyone who reads All of the comments, including the ones you cowardly downvoted and hid will see The Truth.

You have tried every shady and unethical tactic possible to hide The Truth.

You called your entire army to downvote The Truth and spread lies because NONE of you can dispute The Truth.

You have slandered and attacked a Good Person who was murdered for knowing The Truth.

You have continued slandering and attacking anyone who stands up for Jenny Moore and The Truth.

You may not realize how many lives have been lost, and how many more lives are at stake.

Or you don't care. Or you are an ignorant fool. Or you are Pure Evil.



We know more than you ever will about everyone and everything involved.

Many of you are making ignorant guesses about things you do not know, or you are purposely lying to everyone.

If you are NOT EVIL, this is your opportunity to stop believing lies, and get to know The Truth.

It is not to late to become a Good Person and denounce the EVIL AGENDA.

Who do you Trust?

**We stand with Jenny Moore.

We stand with Wisconsin_Is_Corrupt.

We stand with Jesus Christ.**


The Truth is Here.

Wisconsin sister city foreign investment submitted by fogdryer to pizzagatewhatever

RIPJem 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago

America and the world's resources are being confiscated and controlled by an Evil Agenda and corrupt puppets.

Sister Cities is no different than Art in Embassies, public-private partnerships, and other covers for global criminal corruption.

Scott Walker is part of the Marquette Mafia and GOP corruption working hand-in-hand with both the DNC and RNC to destroy America, human rights, and implement the New Word Order for Global Enslavement.

Wisconsin is hiding The Truth and the World's biggest secret.

What is the art of The Deal? What is The Biggest Deal that Trump has made as President? Who was The Deal made with? What is The Deal for? What is the bigger Agenda involved? What do the Kochs, Scott Walker, Paul Ryan, Ron Johnson, Reince Priebus, Tammy Baldwin and others involved know about The Deal?

What is The Truth they cannot allow the World to know?

"I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times." - Bruce Lee submitted by RickFlairWOOOOOO to GreatAwakening

RIPJem 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago

Wisconsin_is_Corrupt Always Shared The Truth

Sustainability is the Great Deception (Satan's Ability) to forge the Mark of the Beast.

The Truth is Simple and Unmistakable. The Truth is what they fear.

3 lowest rated comments:

Mods this crazy "sarah" is ruining and spamming the board. submitted by gamepwn to pizzagate

RIPJem 14 points -10 points (+4|-14) ago


Why do you think Jenny Moore was Murdered? What are the topics that "Sarah" spoke of?

Who did Jenny Moore meet with?

Jenny Moore was not the only one who was attacked, slandered, threatened, doxxed, tortured and murdered.

Why is George Sweigart so Untrustworthy? What does he believe? What is his goal? What is his motive? What are his means?

Why did Jenny finally figure that out when it was too late?

What would those involved at the highest levels be most afraid of?


If you really believe in Jesus Christ, your opportunity for forgiveness is running thin. What some of you have said and done cannot be forgotten nor forgiven. Why did Srayzie Betray Jenny? Who else was Betrayed?

What would those involved do to SILENCE THE TRUTH?

Where else have you seen The Truth?

Jenny Moore, Investigative Journalist and former Cop Found Dead in DC While Investigating Clinton SRA submitted by dreamdigital to pizzagate

RIPJem 7 points -7 points (+0|-7) ago

We are in the story.

We know Jenny in real life.

We know George in real life.

We know many players involved in real life.

Life is not a series of coincidences.

Those who know the Truth are in extreme danger.

You and Vindicator and other mods cannot be Trusted and are partially responsible for Jem's murder.

Jem is not the only one who was threatened.

Jem is not the only one who was murdered.

You are Evil.

You lie. You cheat. You deceive.

JEM is a Good Person.

JEM knows the Truth.

So many of you are slandering her and attacking the victim.

Who does that?


Jenny Moore, Investigative Journalist and former Cop Found Dead in DC While Investigating Clinton SRA submitted by dreamdigital to pizzagate

RIPJem 10 points -7 points (+3|-10) ago

You and many others here on Voat are dead wrong about JEM.

Why are all of the mods and their crews piling on with such hate and disinformation about a Voat user who was just murdered?

We know JEM in real life.

Those are her initials.

She is a great person who truly cares about others, particularly victims and children.

JEM is MEJ, and is Jen Moore in real life. We Are Sure.

She was threatened by Are We Sure and many others here on Voat.

She was assaulted in real life and could barely walk.

She partnered with George Webb Sweigart because he was one of the few people close to the Truth with a following on YouTube.

George Sweigart is so far ahead of anyone else except for Q, Thomas Paine, and a very small group of other investigators.

None of them see eye to eye, and none of them are revealing the real Truth. They are all holding back something.

She wanted to sway him to reveal the real Truth and join the Good side. She kept trying until her very last day.

George Webb Sweigart is not a Trustworthy person like JEM.

George is associated with many bad people including known con artists and liars. George plays all sides.

He was her friend however and she is really dead. She was murdered. This is not a hoax.

Both George and JEM were very close to different angles of the Truth. Neither knew everything, but only one of them was Trustworthy.

George did not commit murder yet is not wholly innocent. George knows much more than he is telling.

JEM believes in the real Jesus Christ. JEM knows about the secret societies and partnerships involved.

JEM was correct about a lot of her research, and was subsequently attacked on Voat for that as many others have been.

Anyone that gets close to the Truth is attacked on Voat from all sides by evil doers and tricksters.

JEM left Voat to stop fighting with fools, agents, shills and fakes, and took her research to the street.

The mods cannot be trusted on Voat - and you are one of them @think-.

We trust ZERO mods on here, and you are partially responsible for JEM's murder.

@Vindicator is Evil and corrupt. @think- is Evil and corrupt. @srayzie is Evil and corrupt. There are more.

We do not trust @putitout either.

This is much deeper and darker than anyone realizes.

That much Q is right about. Q knows much more.

JEM was murdered for knowing The Truth and she is not the first nor the last.

She was a victim. She met with other victims and was a fearless investigator.

So many of you are here to purposely attack real victims and real whistleblowers.

So many of you are misinformed about JEM, or are Evil and corrupt and spreading false information.

Look back to her research. She was getting too close. We Are Sure.

JEM knows The Truth.