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Couple Wearing 'Abolish ICE' Shirts Denied Access To Statue of Liberty, submitted: 8/17/2018 11:03:10 AM, 197 points (+199|-2)

Elizabeth Warren snubbed in first Native American congresswoman media coverage, submitted: 8/9/2018 10:05:39 AM, 86 points (+86|-0)

Don't Talk to the Police, submitted: 8/8/2018 8:44:31 PM, 69 points (+73|-4)

Ivanka Trump flies commercial for visit to Illinois welding school, submitted: 8/9/2018 10:03:54 AM, 24 points (+24|-0)

An L.A. County deputy faked evidence. Here's how his misconduct was kept secret in court for years, submitted: 8/13/2018 11:30:55 AM, 20 points (+20|-0)

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Thought and Prayers ahead of the hurricane headed for America., submitted: 9/10/2018 9:42:46 PM, -3 points (+2|-5)

Centrists Don't Exist, submitted: 9/10/2018 9:44:44 PM, -3 points (+1|-4)

Pictures of really, really rich people getting drunk, submitted: 8/17/2018 11:01:59 AM, 1 points (+2|-1)

History Buffs: Saving Private Ryan, submitted: 8/13/2018 1:58:35 PM, 2 points (+3|-1)

Police in Georgia Taser 87-year-old grandmother using knife to cut flowers | Watch News Videos Online, submitted: 8/17/2018 10:41:52 AM, 2 points (+3|-1)

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The stupidest fucking communist in all of history submitted by ComedicGoat to whatever

Qamom 0 points 6 points (+6|-0) ago

He didn’t think that one through.

Trump received a letter from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un asking for a second meeting and the White House is already looking at scheduling one, White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said on Monday submitted by nusto to news

Qamom 0 points 6 points (+6|-0) ago

Trump should make him come here. No more of that flying around the world stuff.

How does this make you feel? submitted by not_drunk to whatever

Qamom 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago


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Mueller's one-sided probe cannot be justified. Probe expands in every direction except toward Dems submitted by Joker68 to politics

Qamom 3 points -3 points (+0|-3) ago

Have they overlapped with the Trump people? Sure they are doing crimes but I don’t think that they are connected.

The High-Stakes Race to Create the Worlds First Artificial Heart submitted by Qamom to news

Qamom 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

God gave these scientist their intelligence and he might be working through them.

Looks like Europe is finally waking up submitted by Conspirologist to politics

Qamom 2 points -1 points (+1|-2) ago