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[Possibly Severe Issue] The "Hot"/default sorting algorithm seems to be very broken by rwbj in voatdev

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It's a fault in the decay logic. If a post gets ranked highly but then falls in ranking it can potential miss decay passes and retain is high ranking.

Known issue with low volume subverses and we will work this out in the future for sure.

The PostgreSql branch has been merged into Core, you can now help port Voat to .NET Core from GNU/Linux by FuzzyWords in voatdev

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We have no hard dates as we just started the Core port, but yes most likely both at the same time.

Suggestion: Auto-reject link posts that resolve to 301/302 redirects by o0shad0o in ProtectVoat

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Too late already read it, and I like it. Looking at doing now.

Renting a dedicated server by Citizen in voatdev

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Rackspace has an anti-freedom of speech policy. They would shut us down - at least the last time I checked into their TOS.

Please remember our German ISP pulled our servers with no advance notice. So we have to be very careful.

the niggerfaggots from reddit are discussing preparations for another incursion of our lands by Rainy-Day-Dream in ProtectVoat

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I'll pay extra attention to the vote manipulation flags and ban those doing it. ;)

Voat Runs on PostgreSQL! by PuttItOut in voatdev

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Needle, would you be willing to help Voat out in this area? I'm going to need someone to more or less take over merchandising and I trust you enough that if you are willing and able to take on this challenge, Voat would only benefit.

Email me.

Voat Runs on PostgreSQL! by PuttItOut in voatdev

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That made me laugh.

Voat Runs on PostgreSQL! by PuttItOut in voatdev

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I should set up a daily time I can stop in for an hour or so to the slack group.

Who leads the slack efforts?

Voat Runs on PostgreSQL! by PuttItOut in voatdev

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LOL about the GO statements....

@FuzzyWords already hated on me for this:

That's why it didn't run for you, you have that 'GO' thing, remove it

So, this was a quick hack to get the unit tests up and running as I separate the T-SQL batches by GO, I sent the Postgre through the same mechanism as running that procedures.sql in one command would generate an error in the unit test database creation.

Sorry for these small hacks, they will be gone soon.

Voat Runs on PostgreSQL! by PuttItOut in voatdev

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I would LOVE a js reorg my friend! If you are serious we should do it.

I would also need help creating js based unit tests for the api and the ui components as they often have bugs we don't catch in dev.


Voat Runs on PostgreSQL! by PuttItOut in voatdev

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When we have some more work done will bring up a preview site running on new stack(s), so everyone can break it and get badged.

Porting Voat to Open Platform by PuttItOut in voatdev

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The group that is trying for a full rewrite does not understand the scope of what they are attempting to do.

General Operations & Actions Testimonial (GOAT statement) by PuttItOut in announcements

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I'm working on this now as this is something we can do to immediately to give us more flexibility and cost reduction.

Voat needs an Angel by PuttItOut in announcements

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You have no idea how excited I was when I saw this. But unfortunately this number is off by approximately ~$7.69999 million

Unable to block subverse by Smited in whatever

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Cache guys. Voat is too poor to be real time like some sort of show off.

doxing @puttitout >tfw too poor to play golf by pornhub_katie in soapdoxbanhammer

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I wouldn't be caught dead wearing a black golf glove, nice dox attempt.

It was a false alarm Goats by PuttItOut in whatever

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I will do an update over the weekend, but right now I'm simply humbled from the support received, especially since I was not expecting anything.

Why not just pay someone $6000 to clone voat to an opensource platform by [deleted] in AskVoat

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Good luck with this plan.

Send status updates weekly please.

Has put mentioned if he will bring the repo up to date? by peacegnome in AskVoat

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I need to update the license agreement and include the appropriate headers. I'm working on this today, hopefully this weekend I will have repo current.

I built this sub to shitpost. It has never organised downvote brigades but that may soon change - look out, alt farmers by Mick in SoapboxBanhammer

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(proudly) fucking useless

Accurate self-reflection

WTF @PuttItOut by fujin in whatever

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Even after we drop the ball with your merch order you go and do a thing like this. I'm speechless gold, Voat doesn't deserve someone as good as you.

WTF @PuttItOut by fujin in whatever

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I fall short with a lot of things but I always thought I could find some capital somewhere for Voat.

It turns out that it's a lot harder than it may appear. The cultural environment turns people off fairly quickly, so I have run into a lot of "promising dead ends."

This post today was meant to lay out the possibility of having to shut down Voat so we can prepare. It was not meant to be a donation drive or an 11th hour "Thanks for all the shoes" post.

The fact that people are donating means that Voat matters to this community, and often times I lose site of this, so this helps to motivate me not to be idle. It's just me now and often times I'm simply overwhelmed wearing all the hats.

It's not over yet, but I promise I will give the community as much notice as I can as soon as I know.

In case we aren't here much longer by saverem in whatever

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Voat needs an Angel by PuttItOut in announcements

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We never felt safe talking about the start up sponsorships we applied for as we were jaded by Paypal and thought that we would be kicked out at any time. In fact we expected it.

When we posted the "we are flying" pic we were ending one sponsorship. A short time later we were approved for a second much smaller but still very helpful program that has sense ended.

No @goldf1sh never got his merchandise, and many others didn't either. All these orders have been refunded in full.

Voat needs an Angel by PuttItOut in announcements

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Voat needs three things:

  1. We need full time staff (limited but some key positions need filled).
  2. We need to address our scalability issues as this is our number one issue technologically (we've made major improvements but we are nowhere where we need to be).
  3. We need to have operation costs taken care of.

Ideally I was hoping for a one year investment to see how far we can get and then reassess at that time on any future commitment.

Serious inquiries can always be sent to