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We are under DDoS attack again submitted by Atko to announcements

Pattoe 1 points 377 points (+378|-1) ago

Don't let the haters get you down. You've been keeping the site up almost 100% for me at least through the attack and I am really grateful for that! Keep up the good work @Atko and @puttitout

We all really appreciate it! I'll donate when there are more options and ways to donate :)

40% of millenials think the government should be able to limit offensive speech. submitted by Al_Rubyx to news

Pattoe 1 points 161 points (+162|-1) ago

This doesn't surprise me at all. One of my colleagues was fired after refusing to come into work after I 'offended' her. All I did was make a fat joke after she made one about herself.

I asked my boss if I was in trouble and he said 'no, she needed sacking, it was taking 5 minutes just to walk around her arse.'

Account Deleted By User submitted by saverem to news

Pattoe 1 points 85 points (+86|-1) ago

The mix of gender neutral and male gender pronouns in this article to refer to the same person makes this read like absolute rubbish. I guess you shouldn't expect much else from the daily mail.

Also, I think the horrific toll was not of internet fame but being beaten by her father and being forced into foster care.

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the SHE situation needs a resolution now. shes called the FBI for a situation that didnt need it. she deletes before talking. she made and enforced a pedantic rule. how is she still a mod? submitted by escapefromredditbay to AskVoat

Pattoe 21 points -11 points (+10|-21) ago

  1. Death threats are never justified. Especially over how an online message board is moderated.

  2. I only apologised for myself.

  3. I have and do.

Account Deleted By User submitted by TheodoreKent to whatever

Pattoe 12 points -5 points (+7|-12) ago

Cya @ElNino, don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.