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r/hatesubsinaction showing their true colours submitted by 60000000000 to Identitarian

OneZedArmy 4 points 46 points (+50|-4) ago

Wrong. The NatSocs didn't want to exterminate the jews. The Holocaust didn't happen.

First of all, before even getting to "technical" terms of the Holocaust, according to the Jewish World Almanac, the number of jews at 1933 were 15 315 000, and the number of jews at 1948 increased to 15 753 000. If Hitler had, as alleged, murdered six million jews, it would've reflected on the number.


How can you explain the change of Auschwitz's plates? The first plates said "Four million people suffered and died here at the hands of the nazi murderers between the years 1940 and 1945", but years later after the fall of the USSR they changed them to ONE million and a half. Also, how can the "six million" figure be still up If Auschwitz's death count lowered?


How can you explain the Auschwitz's Commander orders to guards? These documents, published by the german government by the Munich Institute of Contemporary History, clearly debunk the holocaust myth. I'll post some of that orders, more in the links of interest below.


"It is forbidden for SS Men to call detainees to the fence to give them shoes and clothing for repair. I reminded last time that this is not only forbidden but dangerous because the fence is during the day – off and on – electrically loaded."

They were labour camps, designed to make and fabricate armament. As this order confirms, they didn't want to kill the prisoners. They were given proper clothing, as a next order confirms, and they didn't let the SS to call prisoners to the fence because they could get electrocuted.


"Each SS member is reminded again not to touch a Jew who will not greet him. Should there be complaints of any kind, the SS-men will be made accountable and punished."

They treated the prisoners fairly, and if a soldier mistreated a prisoner he would be sent to a punishment batallion or to the SS trials.


"It is planned that Sunday work in the near future will be eliminated starting immediately. Sunday work, in any case, can only be allowed for life-sustaining services like taking care of animals, horse stables, and kitchen work. Further only for absolutely necessary repairs."

This order confirms they wanted to keep them healthy and rested for keeping the factories productive.


"Lunch time is to be used for resting. It is strictly to control that the detainees after eating their lunch are resting on their beds to enable a full digestion of their meals to strengthen their ability to work."

In fact, there was a prohibition on reheated food. Auschwitz prisoners ate better than most of us do.


"The detainees are required to be assigned on this day (Sunday) to de-lousing, bathing, clothes change, linen change and clothing repair. The same is required in all camps outside of this."

They had proper clothing, and the piles of hair that are often shown in the "museums" was hair that was cut to prevent lice and other diseases caused by the allied bombing that cut the german resource lines.


More orders in the links of interest below.


Not a single jew was gassed in the alleged Holocaust. Around 200.000-300.000 jews died in concentration camps yes, but not a single one due to a gas chamber:

"It's impossible that these could ever serve for the gassing of huge amounts of people. Because zyonide gasses are very dangerous. Let's suppose that you gas 300 people that you've crowded into one chamber, and you gas them, it's very dangerous to go in and pull out the corpses, because one with of gas that is trapped in the chamber would kill a person. It's extremely dangerous. Once you've gassed people, in order to evacuate the gas to be able to get into the chamber, you need a HIGH chimney. If it's a LOW chimney, the gas goes onto the pavement and kills anybody walking by! You need a HIGH chimney. And auschwitz chimneys and other concentration camps are VERY small. If you say that there was a huge chimney back then, and it was destroyed due to allied bombings, well first of all: there isn't a single evidence of a huge chimney out there. And second: If there was a high chimney, then the shadow most times a day would've fallen on the ground, and the great number of supposed "allied aerial photographies" would've picked up the shadow of this chimney. There was never a shadow of a huge chimney. There was NO such chimney. Around 200.000-300.000 jews died in concentration camps yes, but not a single one due to a gas chamber." - Bishop Williamson.

Those deaths were caused by typhus and other diseases. The allied bombing (often against civilian targets) cut the german resource lines to the labour camps.


Links of interest:

Questioning the "Holocaust" (documentary).

Jewish Population before and after the "Holocaust".

Auschwitz Orders.

Plate change.

The truth about Hitler, National Socialism and WW2 (documentary, 6 hours divided by episodes).

The Greatest Story Never Told (Full Documentary) submitted by The-Chronic to Identitarian

OneZedArmy 1 points 7 points (+8|-1) ago

Sieg heil!

Aaand my account is permanently suspended from reddit submitted by ChadRight to milliondollarextreme

OneZedArmy 0 points 7 points (+7|-0) ago

I remind you that ADL was working with reddit to track hate speech. There's a graph of the time WhiteRights was still up. I don't know about Discord but it's very likely too.

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(((What))) Started World War Two? submitted by OneZedArmy to Identitarian

OneZedArmy 3 points -3 points (+0|-3) ago

They'd better watch out. Our patience has its limits. One day, we'll shut their dirty, lying jewish mouth.

R/AltRight Mod Team is Coming Over. Sub Updates Coming Soon. The Best Way to Fuck Reddit is to Subscribe NOW! submitted by VoatForFreeSpeech to Identitarian

OneZedArmy 2 points -1 points (+1|-2) ago

We have the truth on our side and we will win. Sieg heil.

Churchill's links with organized Jewry. submitted by OneZedArmy to Identitarian

OneZedArmy 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

Churchill, a shabbos goy.

(shabbos goy= non-jew that deliberately cooperates with the jews)