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BREAKING: Possible incident at Comet Ping pong DC submitted by Skanda to pizzagate

Ohmz27 0 points 7 points (+7|-0) ago

Could still be fake news. It's highly unlikely that the owners of CPPP have left anything incriminating at their pizza parlor, and it was highly likely they swept over the place before the video earlier where they let someone walk around and record. Perhaps they sweep up after every 'event' or perhaps that place is only used to 'do business' where there's no residual telling evidence of their crimes or criminal involvement.

EItherway, if police believe there's a bomb or something, and do a thorough check of the place, MSM can then shout the following on their megaphone: "Alt-Right nut jobs harass community-loved pizza-parlor over groundless theories of criminal activity. Police sweeps show no evidence of wrongdoing, and gun-toting madman is being questioned".

Since MSM are covering it, the only way it's not fake is if the employees are trying to ditch their ways of spreading propaganda to help the corrupt. If they don't go into explaining why the nutter walked into CPPP with a gun then this is fake news and damage control. If he did fire bullets and try to shoot people, it would be a lot more serious and his beliefs/views would then be harder to ignore. Having him be passive and not shoot would make it seem less odd that they don't cover the motives behind his actions.

"The FBI and police have since instructed the completely unsubstantiated story [pizzagate] be removed from sites such as Facebook and Reddit." submitted by FeathersMcGraw to news

Ohmz27 0 points 7 points (+7|-0) ago

To be fair a huge and powerful pedophile ring is far more worthy of gun toting, and there's plenty of suspicious things going on, far more than enough to warrant lots of investigations, but law enforcement are seemingly doing less than the bare minimum.

"Huh that's totes not true, don't tell your friends about it 'kay?" .. Not only is that not good enough, it's quite worrying.

David Seaman, lead #pizzagate researcher, on Twitter, "If I die, THIS IS NOT SUICIDE" submitted by jordankelly to pizzagate

Ohmz27 0 points 5 points (+5|-0) ago

God doesn't fail, this world is exactly as God intended it to be, which is a test for mankind. Our governments and parents have failed us by letting these people exist and achieve high-ranking roles, and we might fail ourselves and future generations by not cutting these criminals off completely, but everything is as God intends it to be, and God certainly won't fail at bringing about justice. God doesn't kill them because they are being tested just like everyone else. God doesn't increase the remorseless evil-doers except in sin, these monsters are only racking up sin after sin for themselves. And now most of the world can see bits of how truly vile they are, and we can all stand as witnesses against them on the day of judgment, they won't have any excuses and they'll be speechless when God asks them why they did these things. We need to succeed at stopping them for the sake of future generations, but eitherway the true justice and punishment will come from God, the eyes of these monsters will be frozen in fear and shock once they realize they're going to pay for every little bit of injustice they did, and they can't pull any strings or buy out the judge.

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New York Times: Pedophilia is not a crime submitted by Naalu to pizzagate

Ohmz27 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

It's not a crime, but it certainly is problematic.

New York Times: Pedophilia is not a crime submitted by Naalu to pizzagate

Ohmz27 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

Pedophilia isn't child rape, it's simply being attracted to children, which by itself isn't a crime. Child rape =/= Pedophilia.

New York Times: Pedophilia is not a crime submitted by Naalu to pizzagate

Ohmz27 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

Hahaha alright mate whatever... I’m not a pedo, in deed or in thought or in feelings. None of my comments have been personal opinion, and they’ve actually been ANTI-PEDO. I’m turned on by women, doesn’t mean I rape them. I understand how you’d screw up that same logic when pedos are concerned, but to accuse me of not only trying to normalize pedophilia, but also of being a pedo myself, you’ve lost the plot. EVEN if I was somehow retarded enough to think child rape isn’t a crime…. How is saying it’s problematic trying to normalize pedophilia, or proof of pedophilia? What I was talking about was simply being attracted to children without any physical contact, and I STILL said it was problematic - how can this be pro-pedo??

Didn’t think I’d have to explain such a simple comment. If you care to learn then gimme a downvote, read the following, and piss off: Often people of different sexual orientations say they’re born that way. And pedos also will and do claim the same thing – this isn’t my opinion. Pedos could say “Well it’s not my fault, I’m born this way”. Which is why I said being sexually attracted to things isn’t in itself a crime, but being attracted to children is 100% problematic. And by saying such, I was obviously implying that while it isn’t a crime it’s still very problematic and special actions need to be taken. I.E no alone time with kids. And I dunno the laws, but I’d prefer them to not be anywhere near children at all ever, supervised or no. The only thing about what I said which could be pro-pedo, is if peadophilia actually meant child-rape (which it doesn’t), but even so, if you read the tiny other half of my comment you’d realise I’m calling pedos a problem..