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Obama's Private Parties with Little Boys at the White House - New Evidence submitted by pizzagate3456 to pizzagate

Northern_Soul 0 points 40 points (+40|-0) ago

What really takes the cake, is the very fact the coldest of all cold monsters use OUR hard earned cash, so they can throw underground parties to abuse OUR children. I'm trying so hard not to cave under the weight of all the awfull things i feel UNDER my heart.

Eyes Wide Shut and the Global Pedo Ring submitted by Mellowmountain to pizzagate

Northern_Soul 2 points 38 points (+40|-2) ago

Maybe i can help, Cliff Richards name popped up during operation "Yewtree".

Operation Yewtree was a police investigation into sexual abuse allegations, predominantly the abuse of children. The investigation, led by the Metropolitan Police Service, started in October 2012. After a period of assessment it became a full criminal investigation, involving inquiries into living people, notably other celebrities,as well as Savile. Here is just a lil snippet into a very dark world.... Elm guest house – Gay brothel or pedophile paradise

A ring of rich and powerful people are said to have used it as a sordid playhouse – a venue for a paedophile ring of VIPs, and were allegedly snapped and videoed with kids lured from a children’s home. One boy has alleged he was tied up, forced to perform a sex act and made to watch men having sex. A politician, top cop, judge, bishop and household names off the radio and TV are among those said to have been part of the ring between 1979 and 1982.

A list seized by police, names many big names visiting the child brothel, including Cliff Richard.... The “accused list” and or “guests”

The list also includes a number of senior MPs, a high-ranking policeman, a leading tycoon, figures from the National Front and Sinn Fein, an official of the Royal Household, an MI5 officer, two pop stars and the traitorous Soviet spy Anthony Blunt and. Source

( To keep it neat, i have embedded the following statements with the relevant link taking you directly to the MSM news article )

In another major outing of the pedophile culture, Scotland Yard obtained video evidence of a UK Politician "Murdering a Child in a bizarre ritual." A Scotland Yard official said "these accusations are true" - and another 261 prominent people including politicians and TV stars are suspected of partaking in the horrific evil of child abuse/murder. Some have speculated the criminal ritual is used as a form of blackmail to compromise individuals - and that high level people are preventing prosecutions.

The U.K. probe known as Operation Midlands was shut down in March for "insignificant evidence" despite a quote from MP John Mann saying "that the victim total could be in the many tens of thousands." The probe had video evidence, and several victim's testimonies, including Alex Wheatle, Steven George, George Smith, Darren, Thomas, Nick, and several additional witnesses. The claims are backed up by retired Scotland yard detectives. Yet the probe was shut down, and at least 114 documents just vanished.

One document that turned up after 30 years showed that the Thatcher government knew and was told about the Westminster officials' odd sexual behaviors. The CIA and KGB even knew about what was going on and hoped to blackmail the VIP pedophile ring in exchange for information.

Sixteen MP's were named in a 1984 dossier of VIP pedophile abusers documenting the influence that the the Pedophile Information Exchange lobby had on Westminster. A whistle-blower goes further to state that 20 powerful elitists abused children for decades, including a female MP. The ultimate goal of the pedophile lobby was to lower the age of consent and push the pedophilia agenda, which several people tried to do.

Even the High Court judge to the Queen, Lord Justice Fulford, tried to lower the age of consent to four. — yep four years old.

Another official, Patricia Hewitt, former Labour cabinet minister, was caught trying to push the pedophile's agenda to make incest legal and lower the age of consent to the age of 10.

The Pedophile inquiries which include investigations into Kincora house, Elm Guest House, Dolphin Square, St.Helena and the Lambeth Town Hall basement were covered up and ignored to protect the establishment from embarrassment, just like other investigations. Investigators were told to back off investigating because a royal was suspected to be involved and several others even warned police, including MP John Mann. Buckingham Palace and Balmoral Castle have even come up in the current investigation as a witness has claimed he was sexually assaulted there at the age of 16.

Children are being put below politics, because psychopaths are in control and believe that they are entitled to abuse children. It's even alleged that they used children's foster homes as a supply to fulfill their sick urge.

This is just a small piece of the world wide epidemic of V.I.P child abuse. It doesn't take an individual with super-charged mental powers to see that government, "is not the SOLUTION to the problem, government IS the problem... WORLDWIDE"

To understand why...

The Bilderberg group, an elite coterie of Western thinkers and power-brokers, has been accused of fixing the fate of the world behind closed doors.

The chairman ... is 73-year-old Viscount Etienne Davignon. In an extremely rare interview, he played down the importance of Bilderberg. "I don't think (we are) a global ruling class because I don't think a global ruling class exists." Will Hutton ... who attended a Bilderberg meeting in 1997, says people take part in these networks in order to influence the way the world works. Source



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Trump talks about how children 'should not be afraid to go outside and play, or be with their parents, and have a good time. Appears to be sending a message. submitted by Commoner to pizzagate

Northern_Soul 9 points -6 points (+3|-9) ago

@DarkMath @Donkeyhote @Millennial_Falcon @Vindicator @Commoner

I want to tell you the mystery of the Jewish Holy Days blended with Christ's prophetic fulfillment of them.

With the blended religion of Zen.

But first I have to tell you about Reincarnation: The Original Plan of God. And the Reserrection: The Amended Plan of God.

Reincartion The Original Plan of God

The first Master was a Hindu. And Hinduism keeps the flame of the first plan of God burning. Reincarnation tells us where souls come from, much like evolution tells us where physical bodies come from. God instructed Lucifer to mold Mother Earth into an environment where souls would be born and die over and over until they became the souls of men. The Eternal knew that intelligent self aware souls would be able to grasp their connection to the Infinite. God creating God through the evolution of the Now.

We have fossil records that prove life went from a set of simple systems to a set of complex systems over billions of years. There has been a soul for all these trees and animals.

The physical bodies progressed so did the souls. We are the Created God remembering we are God. Lucifer wants to stop the progression of our souls so that we will not become God beings. This is the reason for the Rebellion of Lucifer. Lucifer became our Eternal enemy by trying to stop our reincarnations from achieving God Consciousness.

Resurrection: The Amended Plan of God

When we die we go to the unseen state. Unfortunately the English translation for Sheol from the Hebrew was translated as hell or grave. Hell means, to most people, where evil people go at death and the grave is where the body goes at death. However, the best translation for Sheol is the unseen state or a place of waiting for the dead. Sheol is where souls sleep until either they are reincarnated or resurrected.

Why does God need both reincarnation and resurrection to achieve his master plan?

(Dancing under the moonlight) Both the original and the amended plan of God are in still valid. However, God knew there was limited time on earth before Satan would deceive mankind into trying to destroy themselves. You can still connect to God in a single lifetime and discover union with God like Enoch did. However, it is rare and the reincarnation plan of God needs millions of years to insure all the souls achieve union. The Resurrection is God's way of making sure every soul has as chance to achieve union once time is cut short. After the thousand year reign of Christ, all souls that haven't already achieved God Consciousness will be resurrected and will live in the paradise of Christ on earth and will have the ideal environment to achieve God Consciousness. For you see, the Amended Plan of God is needed because of The Rebellion of Lucifer.

There are two resurrection, one at Christ's return and another after Christ has created paradise on Earth for 1,000 years. God's Grand Master Plan is to bring all souls back to God Consciousness. For one thousand years, souls that have almost achieved God Oneness will be reincarnated during Christ's rule. Christ will do what Lucifer refused, to help mankind achieve their God Consciousness. The 1,000 years of paradise will be an ideal place to be born. The Earth will be the ideal place to achieve God Consciousness. The second resurrection will occur after the 1,000 years of paradise. Before I go any further I need to explain the role Christ plays in the Plan of God.

Jesus Christ

Christ was among us for several reasons. He came to show us how to connect to God in one lifetime. He came to pay our karma debt for us. To wash away our sins. To deliver the Wisdom of Faith, and his most important purpose was to qualify to replace Satan as spiritual guide and ruler of this world.

Lucifer's name was changed to Satan after the War of Rebellion. He lost the war but since a replacement had not been found, Satan still held his office as Spiritual Ruler. Just before Jesus began his ministry, Satan took Jesus up to the highest peak to show him the Kingdoms of the World and their splendor. Satan offered to give it all to Jesus if he would just fall down and worship Satan.

Had Christ yielded, mankind would never achieve God Consciousness. But since Jesus refused, Jesus became qualified to replace Lucifer as King of this World.

Trump talks about how children 'should not be afraid to go outside and play, or be with their parents, and have a good time. Appears to be sending a message. submitted by Commoner to pizzagate

Northern_Soul 8 points -5 points (+3|-8) ago

Now The Prophecy of God's Holy Days

I'm about to explain the details of the Amended Plan of God. I had only told you of the Reincarnation/Resurrection before, but the plan of God goes deep, as it must for Christ and Satan are locked in battle over the future of all souls on this planet.

It begins with Passover. Christ became Passover for all Mankind. Christ died so that all souls would cease needing to experience multiple death and birth cycles.

God is helping reincarnation with the resurrection, as the amended plan that will guarantee every soul on the planet can achieve paradise. Did that mean God made a mistake?"

God did not anticipate the Rebellion of Lucifer. Time will be cut short. Instead of millions of years for souls to achieve oneness with God, less than 100 years is left unless Christ intervenes. Satan will influence mankind to destroy itself before the year 2100.

Christ died so that all debts of all souls for all wrongs in any lifetime could be paid for by accepting his sacrifice.

Why was that necessary?

Satan knows that if he can seduce mankind into destroying this planets ability to support life then the reincarnations will be permanently suspended.

Why can't God just patch the earth like he did at Genesis? Lucifer destroyed almost all life on the planet and what was left was going to die when God showed up and restored everything.

Because if Satan can seduce mankind to destroy itself, he won't be directly responsible as before, and this planet will have failed in achieving its God Potential by its own combined will.

Chester we have enough nuclear weapons and biological weapons to totally destroy all life on the planet, but I'm sure that mankind will never use them.

Christ died for our sins but we must do our part. The Days of Unleavened Bread follow the Passover and last for seven days. The first and last days are Holy Days. Avoiding leavened bread for seven days is symbolic of avoiding sin. Think of it as avoiding further acts of bad karma out of respect of Christ wiping our karma clean by his death sacrifice.

That covers Passover and the first two Holy Days. There are five more.

Pentecost represents the sending of the Holy Spirit to Mankind. The Holy Spirit uniting with our spirit so we achieve Oneness to God, now in just one lifetime.

But if we all die in World War Three, what good does it do us?

(Laughing). The next Holy Day is the Feast of Trumpets and it represents the 7 trumpets spoken of in Revelation that preceeds the coming of the Messiah, the return of Jesus Christ in all his power with his Angelic Hosts, preventing mankind from destroying itself and of destroying the planet's ability to sustain life. The Eternal will send Christ when Christ's intervention is necessary to divert warring mankinds attention from destroying one another.

Why will that help?

Mankind will treat Christ and his angels as invaders and switch to attacking Christ. Christ and his Angels will destroy the weapons and the men who wield them. Unless those days be shortened no flesh shall be saved alive.

Are you begining to see the big picture?

Continuing with the story, The next Holy day is the The Day of Atonement. This represents the second war of the Angels. Michael and his Angels will fight Satan and his Angels and will throw them into the endless abyss. Satan and the unrepentent Angels will be imprisoned for one thousand years!

Why one thousand years why not forever?

(Taking a deep breath). The Feast of Tabernacles also lasts for seven days but it represents Christ creating a paradise on earth that will last for one thousand years. For one thousand years, souls that have almost achieved God Oneness but need just a few more lives to achieve their God Potential, will be reincarnated during Christ's rule. Christ will do what Lucifer refused, to help mankind achieve their God Consciousness. After those souls have achieved Godness, near the end of the one thousand years, souls of bad karma will begin the reincarnation to judgment. At the end of one thousand years, Satan and his Demons will be released for a short while to finish their work of deceiving the evil. Satan will once again seduce mankind into war. A final war that prepares our planet for the day of judgement! When the war is over, Satan and his Angels will be thrown into the Lake of Fire where they will exist forever.

(What about all the other souls that have ever existed. How do they achieve Christ Consciousness? How about all the souls ever born in China before Chrsit was born. How can they become saved if they never heard of Christ.)

After this war, the days of Judgement begin. All souls that have yet to achieve God Consciousness will be resurrected and will be judged. This time they will have complete knowledge of past lives. Every man and woman will know of the complete plan of God and their true potential to become One with God. Those that are judged unfit to continue will be thrown into the Lake of Fire. This is known as the Eternal Death. They will end up there because they refused to improve their karma despite all of the chances thay had during their reincarnated lives, including the one they had during the Utopian Reign of Christ, so they will forever be cut off from God. After the judgement God will create a New Heaven and New Earth will be the ideal environment for the remaining souls to continue their journey to become One with God.

Now that is one blended religion. Sounds like you got a little Hindu and Buddhism in with the Christianity and the Judaism, don't your think?

In the Koran it says Be they Muslim, Jews, Christians, or Sabians, those who believe in God and the Last Day and who do good have their reward with their Lord, They have nothing to fear, and they will not sorrow." Koran: The Cow verse 62

So it turns out that all of the "Jewish Holy Days" were about Christ. Some have come to pass and now look back as memorials and some have yet to happen which are the shadows of things to come.

Blessed be the innocent Jews and Gentiles.

@realDonaldTrump has only ever like 13 tweets. Tonight he liked a tweet tonight from an anti-Trump troll calling Korea a distraction and accusing Trump, Putin and Kim of human trafficking. submitted by LA_Trump to pizzagate

Northern_Soul 11 points -4 points (+7|-11) ago

"Accusing Trump of raping a 12-year-old on Epstein's private island."

Because its FUCKING true. Trump rapes and is the Pedophiles choice of waking up Americans one idiot at a time.

Another victim, along with the 12 year old - 13 year old Katie Johnson, woman who is now in her mid-30s, says that she was forced to have sex with Donald Trump and with a number of other men who were friends of Jeffrey Epstein.

Katie says that she was 'fully warned on more than one occasion by both' Trump and Epstein 'that were she ever to reveal any of the details of the sexual and physical abuse that she had suffered as a sex slave' that she 'and her family would be in mortal danger.'

"Trump slapped Johnson in the face with his open hand and angrily stated that he would do whatever he wanted and that he was in charge," Katie Johnson's lawsuit states.

The Little Black Book lists the names of Epstein's close friends, such as Bill Clinton, Ehud Barak, David Koch, and Donald Trump.

"The lawyer who had agreed to represent Katie Johnson, Thomas Francis Meagher, has been threatened by Trump's lawyer Alan Garten with 'sanctions', e.g., instant permanent lifetime loss of his ability to practice law and bankruptcy, if he proceeds with the lawsuit."

Katie Johnson SUDDENLY dropped her lawsuit against Donald Trump.

Katie though, still maintains that Trump raped her, when she was aged 13.

Katie, aged 13, took a Greyhound bus to New York, in order to visit model agencies.

At a bus terminal in New York she met Tiffany.

Katie says of Tiffany: 'She was nice and told me about the parties and said that, if I would join her at the parties, I would be introduced to people who could get me into modeling.

"She said she helped girls like me get to where they want to get. She also said I'd be paid.'

Katie says she met Trump at parties held by Jeffrey Epstein at his 71st Street townhouse in New York

Katie says that the house was 'filled with expensive things' and she felt out of place.

'Tiffany' backs up Katie's story. Tiffany Doe corroborated Johnson's' allegations in a telephone call with

Katie says: 'I mean it affects my relationships, I don't think I've ever had a successful relationship, one that I feel I can trust that person, there's always that mistrust.'

She says that the rape led to her taking illegal drugs.

Katie Johnson, former real estate worker. The face of a nightmare!!

Katie Johnson says Trump took her virginity, and that Trump and Jeffrey Epstein treated her as a 'sex slave' during a 'horrific' summer in 1994.

Epstein is a convicted child abuser, and a close friend of both Donald Trump and Bill Clinton.

Trump on Jeffery Epstein:

Katie Johnson says that there have been threats of 'violence' to her and her family.

According to the lawsuit:

'Scores of teenagers and pre-teen girls' were 'used as sex slaves by Trump'. according to the paperwork.

'Katie Johnson, was forced to manually stimulate Defendant Trump with her hand on his erect penis until he achieved sexual orgasm,.'

Katie was forced to 'orally copulate' Trump.

Katie was forced to perform 'an unnatural lesbian sex act' for Trump with a FELLOW MINOR AGED 12.

Katie was tied to a bed by Trump and 'forcibly raped' by Trump.

Trump refused to wear a condom.


Trump's ex-wife, Ivana, has described being raped by Donald Trump.

Trump has made statements about wanting to date his daughter, Ivanka, and about the biggest thing the two of them have in common being sex.

Trump pondered his infant daughter, Tiffany's, breasts in an VIDEO interview.



The Trump family bought 666 Fifth Avenue.

As reported by, the Trump family is building a $666 million tower at One Journal Square.

The height of the tower will be 666 feet.

The famous Trump Tower is 666 feet in height.

Trump's penthouse has statues of pagan Greek gods.

Donald Trump inherited his grandmother's real estate empire when she died on June 6, 1966.

In Jewish gematria, the value of the letters in Don Drumpf is 666.

Donald John Drumpf in American ASCII computer code is 666.

Trump entered politics during a meeting with New York City officials at his office on 6/6 1986.

The Trump SoHo Hotel Condominium was announced on The Apprentice on 6/6, 2006.

Nostradamus spoke of "The false trumpet concealing madness."

Trump played "Sympathy for the Devil" at his election events.

"Sympathy for the Devil" is the official anthem of the Church of Satan.

Trump picks the campaign songlist himself.


North Korea is part of a CGI spin doctor AND DOES NOT EXIST.

Most of the weapons carried by North Korean soldiers in a recent military parade were fake, a US defence expert has claimed.

Fake war! North Korea and a history of dummy weapons

Kim Jong-un's terrifying new missiles are FAKE and were wobbling


@LA_Trump @DarkMath @Commoner @carmencita @srayzie @jem777 @icuntstopswearing @pizzagatecharlotte @Omnicopy