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WELCOME GREAT AWAKENING REFUGEES submitted by SensibleStoner to theawakening

NeonRevolt 2 points 1253 points (+1255|-2) ago

Neon reporting in!

Trump is right: More than Facebook & Twitter, Google threatens democracy, online freedom submitted by SchlangeHatRecht to TheDonald

NeonRevolt 37 points 129 points (+166|-37) ago

He's 100% right. Reddit just censored /r/GreatAwakening today!

Why not just start r/theawakening ? submitted by Silverlining to theawakening

NeonRevolt 3 points 87 points (+90|-3) ago

Because they would squash it within a day or two, anyway.

Same thing happened with the Pizzagate subs some years ago. Alternative subs didn't last long - even if you made them "private."

The only solution at this point is to move off of Reddit entirely.

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Observations on Neon Revolt's Latest Article submitted by Blacksmith21 to GreatAwakening

NeonRevolt 51 points -24 points (+27|-51) ago

I have no affiliation with the above account.

I suppose you could ask Putt to verify, if you don't believe me. Which, given that you've been shilling against me for two weeks straight, I imagine you don't.

NeonRevolt now doubts Q and the plan? submitted by kevdude to theawakening

NeonRevolt 52 points -23 points (+29|-52) ago

Nah, Kevdude is a serial liar who expects me to "debate him" in some subverse, when he can't even be honest in dealing with me face-to-face. He thinks he can rope me into some debate where he gets to stack the deck and act all important.

He's a very small-minded person, who has spent his every waking moment disrupting genuine Qresearchers, all because he's too stupid to too belligerent to understand the facts about the Q-migration.

Observations on Neon Revolt's Latest Article submitted by Blacksmith21 to GreatAwakening

NeonRevolt 44 points -21 points (+23|-44) ago

You used the word "I" 12 times.

Well, to be fair, "YOU" haven't really been worth addressing here.

TIL that it was you mentioning Voat and not everyone migrating here because of Qpub. Or are you claiming to be Qpub

Are you so dumb that you're now conflating the two?

Here's the order of events, because you're too dumb to recall on your:

I announced it first.

8ch announced it next.

Qpub announced it after both.

I brought like 4000 people here in under an hour. The rest streamed in over the next week. It's not my fault that your servers couldn't handle it, but it certainly is your fault that you trashed the boards with hatespam during that time.

The only stuff I posted to TA was to explain to new users how the site mechanism worked and to let them know there was a Q site where they could earn ccp and participate in the site. Odd that mods would have a problem with that.

Yeah, I saw your posts. I know exactly how they were worded. Stop lying and misrepresenting your actions. Grow a spine and take accountability for your useless hide. You might actually have some decency worth preserving.

And your proof is? That was actually a bunch of users hitting them. We do that to mods who overstep here. This isn't reddit.

You're lucky I wasn't mod, because I would have banned every single one of you, without remorse and without prejudice. I don't care what you think this is. I would have stayed up extra hours just to grind it out with each of you pathetic, subhuman scumbags who did nothing but post hatespam and offtopic garbage, in an effort to derail genuine discussion.

You're pathetic, you and your lot.

YEah I never said that. Just let you know what all the users of this site won't tolerate.

You didn't have to. You gleefully fed fuel to the flames and never made an effort to understand any of the things that were going on. You just endlessly inflammed other users and got them to post endless disruptive hatespam for you.

I'll bet. This movement is really driving T-shirt sales for you. Good on you. A true paytriot.

Oh no, he called me a "paytriot" again, because I sell T-shirts to cover my server costs, and literally approach research as a full-time job, in order to SUPPORT THE COMMUNITY.

How will I ever recover?

(And for the record, I used the word "You/your/you're" here 14 times, you childish moron).