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Decentralized Image Hosting, submitted: 2/14/2018 5:26:04 AM, 16 points (+16|-0)

Congrats France: Riots post-World Cup, submitted: 7/16/2018 3:55:41 PM, 14 points (+14|-0)

Whenever you get fed up with Voat for whatever reason, where do you go?, submitted: 8/18/2018 5:31:54 AM, 14 points (+15|-1)

Uncensorable social network built on Bitcoin Cash, submitted: 5/12/2018 7:28:47 AM, 13 points (+16|-3)

In your opinion, what is wrong with the Esports scene where it stands?, submitted: 5/25/2018 4:16:14 AM, 6 points (+6|-0)

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So this just happened... submitted by not_drunk to videos

Nalbarcam 1 points 61 points (+62|-1) ago

narcissists gonna narcissist

see the way he said "BECAUSE I SAID SO!"

some folks get into positions of power purely to exert their will upon others. obviously common in the police, some military (but less so because the context tend to be different), preachers, schoolteachers

you might find this interesting to read:

Active shooter situation at YouTube headquarters submitted by Joker68 to news

Nalbarcam 0 points 40 points (+40|-0) ago

how dare they assume her gender

Something wrong? submitted by fluxusp to voatdev

Nalbarcam 0 points 23 points (+23|-0) ago

it's more important that you're aware and communicated :)

site still operates well enough for now

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Which of you faggotniggers is this? submitted by KingChem to AskVoat

Nalbarcam 6 points -5 points (+1|-6) ago

spit on a brother and you spit on me, dickfuck

MMA Baseball submitted by Reverse-Flash to gifs

Nalbarcam 5 points -5 points (+0|-5) ago

you are also lashing out by calling for violence

shouldn't be surprising that needless violence is looked down on.

expressing disgust is chill though

If Firefighters Are Concerned About Exposure to Cell Towers and Antennas, Maybe Everybody Should Be. 5G Complaints by San Francisco Firefighters Are Unsettling. submitted by madmalloy to Conspiracy

Nalbarcam 4 points -4 points (+0|-4) ago

eh might not be straight jew / jdif. just soft mk

also it only details if you let it. harmless comment is harmless