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Hillbilly gun store owner telling it like it is on the local TV station, submitted: 3/3/2018 3:04:58 AM, 67 points (+67|-0)

"The Red Pill" is now streaming on Amazon Prime video., submitted: 3/15/2018 10:07:28 PM, 33 points (+33|-0)

You spelled "vegan" wrong, dipshit, submitted: 2/22/2018 5:59:23 AM, 23 points (+23|-0)

Some of the first YouTube accounts that I (re)subscribed to when switching to a throwaway account, submitted: 3/14/2018 2:42:27 AM, 7 points (+7|-0)

What do you use to rip audio from YouTube videos?, submitted: 5/15/2018 2:59:31 PM, 6 points (+6|-0)

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We should make "no True Communist" the preferred name for the logical fallacy previously known as "no true Scotsman", submitted: 3/10/2018 6:56:18 AM, 0 points (+1|-1)

It's probably been posted here before, but..., submitted: 5/13/2018 8:43:15 PM, 0 points (+1|-1)

Donut Operator, submitted: 5/21/2018 8:54:35 PM, 0 points (+2|-2)

Thankfully, all the speculation about g4s and terrorism at the Super Bowl was unfounded., submitted: 2/14/2018 10:36:32 PM, 1 points (+1|-0)

DAE hate le reddit niggerfaggots?, submitted: 2/8/2018 1:34:04 AM, 2 points (+7|-5)

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How do we convince stupid people to stop voting Democrat? submitted by plankO to AskVoat

N3DM 0 points 34 points (+34|-0) ago

It would be a lot easier if the other (feasible) option weren't "vote republican".

"OMG Trump is inviting Putin to the White House!" Yes, that's what world leaders do, you utter fucking idiots. submitted by chrisman01 to TheDonald

N3DM 2 points 32 points (+34|-2) ago

Also, don't buy the bullshit that Russia is our enemy. It's been the narrative of countless movies, video games, novels, and (of course) news articles in my lifetime. But this is just the enemy that "we've always been at war with" (cf 1984). We want that country on our side against the global invasion.

Member when Trump said the migrant carrivan was going to be stopped and then they entered the country? submitted by I_Would_Gas_You to Memberberries

N3DM 3 points 18 points (+21|-3) ago

Member when this sub wasn't for edgy zingers about current events?

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A message to all the incoming reddit pervs. submitted by BigFatDaddy to whatever

N3DM 15 points -6 points (+9|-15) ago

Damn - I just started a new account, and don't have enough CCP to downvoat them!

A message to all the incoming reddit pervs. submitted by BigFatDaddy to whatever

N3DM 3 points -2 points (+1|-3) ago

That's fair. I've been here for 3 years, but had to clean my tracks after almost getting fired for political beliefs.