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The right attitude, submitted: 5/31/2018 8:35:53 PM, 75 points (+75|-0)

Reality burns liberals like holy water burns Dracula, submitted: 6/19/2018 1:01:37 AM, 65 points (+69|-4)

Woman sprayed in face with 'strong acid', submitted: 12/28/2017 8:47:04 PM, 62 points (+62|-0)

Iraqi woman recruited army of suicide bombers by having women raped then persuading them matyrdom was the only way to remove the shame, submitted: 6/17/2018 8:43:00 PM, 52 points (+52|-0)

Sometimes truth can be stranger than fiction, submitted: 6/12/2018 2:11:37 AM, 46 points (+46|-0)

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I must protest the deletion of my fine contributions to v/frugal by @espresso_patronum, submitted: 1/22/2018 1:55:47 AM, -7 points (+13|-20)

Would you rather your daughter married a nigger or a white woman?, submitted: 6/13/2018 7:05:46 AM, -7 points (+4|-11)

Snoop Lion - Lighters Up, submitted: 1/12/2018 3:26:27 AM, -2 points (+2|-4)

Second waver spanked by third wavers, submitted: 5/31/2018 8:13:21 PM, -1 points (+1|-2)

@ExpertShitposter is a tricky tricker, submitted: 6/1/2018 9:08:32 PM, 0 points (+3|-3)

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Ooh yeah, #sheknew submitted by Warnos44 to whatever

MyDearWatson 0 points 42 points (+42|-0) ago

She is a madam presenting the milkmaid to the lecher.

Yeah, this is bad submitted by HarlandKornfeld14 to politics

MyDearWatson 3 points 20 points (+23|-3) ago

He's making the jew think she is getting what she wants so she can't stop the jewing.

They Told You That We Were Monsters submitted by tendiesonfloor to whatever

MyDearWatson 2 points 19 points (+21|-2) ago

and their memory has been vilified and their tribe ruined.

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I must protest the deletion of my fine contributions to v/frugal by @espresso_patronum submitted by MyDearWatson to ProtectVoat

MyDearWatson 3 points -1 points (+2|-3) ago

My posts are perfectly cromulent and they didn't deserve to be removed. They were all about saving money and being frugal.

Unlike Imgur, the staff at Know Your Meme is surprisingly not fat submitted by Twentyonepointthree to fatpeoplehate

MyDearWatson 7 points -1 points (+6|-7) ago


Sometimes truth can be stranger than fiction submitted by MyDearWatson to TheGunClub

MyDearWatson 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

Got to be truthful here and say that I can't believe how many people are taking a conspiracy shitpost for reals.