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REDDIT IS WAKING UP, THE JEWS CANT SHUT IT DOWN!, submitted: 5/18/2018 8:05:19 PM, 198 points (+212|-14)

When fat people claim they work just as hard as normal people do., submitted: 5/26/2018 5:57:02 PM, 95 points (+101|-6)

In case morons think Moloch Obama is photoshopped., submitted: 6/17/2018 7:12:01 PM, 64 points (+71|-7)

THE JEWISH MEDIA IS TURNING ON MUELLER., submitted: 5/14/2018 9:07:53 PM, 62 points (+67|-5)

Scientist shot dead in front of both daughters during Southern California camping trip., submitted: 6/25/2018 1:19:00 PM, 49 points (+50|-1)

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In regards to this subreddit, submitted: 5/20/2017 2:45:50 AM, -1 points (+1|-2)

We need to talk about the Jews - Counter-Jew video pruned from youtube/reddit/google/facebook, submitted: 7/5/2018 10:04:51 PM, -1 points (+3|-4)

Anyone else notice that reddit currently has no anti-trump posts on the front page?, submitted: 4/14/2018 9:04:11 PM, 1 points (+3|-2)

Drug tunnel to Mexico discovered in kitchen of former KFC, submitted: 8/24/2018 12:13:41 AM, 2 points (+3|-1)

LYING NIGGER, submitted: 6/17/2018 10:53:58 PM, 3 points (+4|-1)

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Antifa get free pass for violent attacks at Michigan State University submitted by Kyle_Rogers_2018 to news

MrShekelstein 1 points 79 points (+80|-1) ago

Another libtard judge letting their commie friends go free.

Boys Score Better On Exam Questions With Objective Answers, Girls Better With Subjective Questions submitted by daskapitalist to science

MrShekelstein 0 points 74 points (+74|-0) ago

Who grades the subjective questions?

Colin Flaherty: first they demanded police body cams, now they're saying that police body cams are racist, they hurt black and brown people's rights submitted by badweather to news

MrShekelstein 1 points 69 points (+70|-1) ago

For every pig that gets exposed by these cameras, 100 niggers get exposed as well.

We couldnt have asked for a dumber group of people to push for body cameras.

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WikiLeaks Calls QAnon A Likely 'Pied Piper' Operation submitted by ChangingPerspectives to Conspiracy

MrShekelstein 12 points -11 points (+1|-12) ago


only shills use this, good try alefantis.

California to Fine Citizens Using Over 55 Gallons of Water as Nestlé Pumps Billions of Gallons for Free submitted by fluxusp to news

MrShekelstein 8 points -7 points (+1|-8) ago

hello fat fuck.

upset we're going after your food?

Patrick Little has begun the process to challenge the election results and expose vote manipulation submitted by NorthernMan to OccidentalEnclave

MrShekelstein 7 points -7 points (+0|-7) ago

Obvious jewish puppet.

If he thinks he can run against trump hes very mistaken.