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Is everything being fucked up or am I being paranoid? submitted by Conspirologist to Conspiracy

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You may just see the world a little more clearly than the average joe/jane. Best way to deal with it is finding love and forgiveness in yourself for yourself and others. Its like water on fire.

New Alex Jones on Joe Rogan Podcast Admits He Is Bill Hicks Again submitted by ace_space to Conspiracy

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What are the facts you might ask?

All I know FOR SURE is that 1. Bill Hicks would be 66 this year 2. Alex Jones is 43 (allegedly) 3. They look very very similar, though images that can be compared differ in the year taken by some to many years.

Who knows man. I personally do not think this is true. Personally I think Jones has destroyed or severely damaged a NWO or global government plan which has been slowly set up over 60+ years. Given that assumption of mine IS TRUE, then one can come to the conclusion that there would be disinformation spread about Jones to discredit him and form more enemies directed toward But shit man, the "resistance" to the NWO may all be a total phsyop to get us behind exactly what those, that suppose Jones is for real, are attempting to fight against. Given that is true this is one hell of a phsyop and if it is true and he is fake then we deserve what ever karma delt too us for being so gullible.

As for his profit motives, Ill admit that they are a 70 million+ a year company. They do sell supplements, some private labeled from other suppliers and some that are in house. They could be doing all of this for profit alone (I don't think so but think what you may). All I KNOW FOR SURE is that they have a product called X2 Iodine which literally got me out of being depressed, Not Kidding it is amazing. Hell I don't even buy it from them anymore I go to he main supplier/producer, Global Healing Center.

For real though, regardless of they're profit motive (all encompassing or just to fund they're resistance movement) or they're possible phsyop opperation as would be the case for Jones to actually be Bill Hicks, INFOWARS really has been a total drive for patriotism, pro second amendment, and overall nationalism and libertarianism. So, in summation, with all my bias and opinion out in the open, I would say that I don't believe that Alex Jones is Bill Hicks, and that he was joking when being interviewed by Joe Rogan.

New Alex Jones on Joe Rogan Podcast Admits He Is Bill Hicks Again submitted by ace_space to Conspiracy

Monday2Sunday 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

Yup 55ish is right. They dont even sound the same though.

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It wasn't Seth Rich at all ! - Per Justice Department submitted by 11-11 to pizzagate

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Donald J. Trump: Legitimate 45th President of the United States of America

RIGHT NOW millions realize that the earth is FLAT submitted by mememeyou to Conspiracy

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flat earth is incorect, hollow earth there is hints of truth

Top 10 Reasons the Universe is Electric: #2 Filaments in Space | Space News submitted by TONYHUSTLE to science

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Great video. Seeing how plasma filaments are seen to have the same structure regardless of scale, and plasma filaments connect our sun with all other suns and galaxies. really cool stuff coming from the Thunderbolts Project too.