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Account Deleted By User submitted by JustusMoser to introductions

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I'm not a Nazi sympathizer. I'm not a racist.

Oh sweet child o'Summer

The pain of knowing you're wrong submitted by Crensch to whatever

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I remember when my closest friends called me racist for the first time. It was also the last time, I had to disown them. I just said I would vote for Trump because I don't want more muslims in my country, and that was that. I was alt-right, a racist, a 'nazi' because I wanted to protect my people. So be it. I wouldn't go back if I could.

Pedophile Whipped to Death After Caught Sexually Abusing 2-Year-Old Child submitted by Rellik88 to news

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wtf i love russia now



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"PewDiePie Redpilled my son" submitted by Bill_Murrays_Sandals to funny

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Better keep that kid away, PDP will teach him to cuck like the little bitch he is.

Dogs or cats? submitted by treeleaf to AskVoat

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I wouldn't know. I don't own one.

Stop a Douchebag - Teeth on the Sidewalk submitted by sakuramboo to videos

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What a bunch of faggots.