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Women's Sports Will Be Killed Off By Invasive Trannies, submitted: 10/21/2018 1:25:22 PM, 187 points (+187|-0)

PewDiePie Destroys VICEs Credibility With One Tweet After They Lie About His Restricted Mode Status, submitted: 3/22/2017 11:50:23 AM, 104 points (+107|-3)

Pachter: Loot Boxes Exist Because Consumers Are Stupid, submitted: 5/26/2018 9:05:57 PM, 91 points (+91|-0)

'Ghostbusters' reboot a horrifying mess, submitted: 7/11/2016 10:02:06 PM, 67 points (+69|-2)

Study: Male bottlenose dolphins have names for each other, submitted: 6/16/2018 10:46:33 PM, 41 points (+42|-1)

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Why Tommy Robinson Is an Idiot In the Wrong, submitted: 5/27/2018 2:27:11 PM, -10 points (+3|-13)

Why Calories are NOT important | (Food & Weight Gain Part 1), submitted: 8/4/2017 2:43:58 PM, -7 points (+3|-10)

Mulatto Domino is the Best Part of Deadpool 2, submitted: 5/19/2018 7:33:16 PM, -3 points (+2|-5)

Official Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Reveal Trailer, submitted: 5/24/2018 3:07:23 PM, -2 points (+1|-3)

ALL 8 SPECIALISTS IN BLACK OPS 4 ALL WEAPONS AND ABILITIES!, submitted: 5/19/2018 2:52:16 PM, -2 points (+2|-4)

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There is a call for blood in the streets...white people's blood submitted by lordvain2 to news

Mike123 2 points 40 points (+42|-2) ago

"Before you start, I am not the racist." That's your problem, that's every white persons problem. It's time to be racist, time to stand up and protect our own. Everyone else does it, now we can too.

How is it not illegal for HAES/Fat Acceptance speakers to spread misinformation? submitted by tiny1 to fatpeoplehate

Mike123 1 points 22 points (+23|-1) ago

Free speech. You can't ban ideas you don't like, you need to combat them with better ideas.

Feel Good Story of the Day: Child porn suspect found dead in jail hours after arrest submitted by HarveyKlinger to news

Mike123 0 points 13 points (+13|-0) ago

Just a suspect? What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

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Lauren Southern - I Got White House Press Access?! submitted by oiseaulibre to politics

Mike123 21 points -20 points (+1|-21) ago

Dumb airhead cunt and beta male followers are pathetic.

Twins, I can't tell them apart! submitted by Delorean1988 to fatpeoplehate

Mike123 30 points -15 points (+15|-30) ago

Theyre both gross and trashy but a fatass can lose weight, tattoos ruin you for life.

It's official, vanity sizing means my wife can't buy normal clothes anymore submitted by foodisntdifficult to fatpeoplehate

Mike123 14 points -14 points (+0|-14) ago

Oh look another Asian fetishist.