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Day 4: HighLevelInsider / Senate Anon Sockpuppet Hunt! (Gotta catch them all!) submitted by SoberSecondThought to pizzagate

Mej777 1 points 15 points (+16|-1) ago

What is you fucking problem? I have outed many of the top pedophiles. I am a Federal whistlevlower who has been beaten for speaking out 8 weeks ago. I have been targeted for eight years and had to discover an eyewitness preparing to testify with me dead in his car.

I have been here from day 1 and have gained a reputation as being beyond credible I am risking my life daily.

I have first person witness testimony and will names and locations you have never heard of.

I was banned because I am in possession of all of Stephen Paddocks history, criminal, property, locations seen for last two years. His plane and links to defense contractor, The truth about what he did for the CIA and links to trafficking, weapons, children, whatever,

I am aware of the pre-planning...the ritual sacrifice involved in front of the Sphinx, the Pyramid, and Obliesk...

I also have been placed on top 50 lists on Voat for being one of top poster. Fuck off. Jem777

@2impendingdoom @Erickaliberhall @carmencita @darkknight111 @Dressage2

'SEARCH CONTINUES' Scotland Yard will ask for Government for more cash to fund Madeline McCann investigation submitted by KillAllPedos to pizzagate

Mej777 2 points 14 points (+16|-2) ago

What a joke. Give me $20 for gas to drive to John Podesta's.

Breaking -- Imran Awan & Wife indicted submitted by Mammy to pizzagate

Mej777 0 points 12 points (+12|-0) ago

Read my name....I spelled it backwards because I am banned from pizzagate.....this is incredible I informed GW.....

Best regards, Jem. @jangles @Dressage2 @DarkMath @carmecita @wolftrail7272.

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Wonder why Megan Kelly of Fox News was so helpful to James Alefantis...a picture is worth a thousand words. submitted by Mej777 to pizzagate

Mej777 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

Really? Explain yourself. Why has @Mej777 only throwing up pics now when the real account was banned that has actual evidence sent to DC already. Why would the mods leave this up?

Who is playing who with mind games?

Wonder why Megan Kelly of Fox News was so helpful to James Alefantis...a picture is worth a thousand words. submitted by Mej777 to pizzagate

Mej777 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

Really I have wormed my way....interesting. What lies? State them openly. You are siding with @Millennial_Falcon as your support system. There is a sub just for him for all the researchers who have left pizzagate.

You have already proved the point Vindicator just by leaving it up and marking it as disinfo after the fact, after I edited it for that reason. You just confirmed for everyone whose side you are on...

Why when Ryan from pizzagate gear was threatened and @abortion was doxed did you come to the rescue. I applauded you for that. What fear mongering? Do you want the case number and police report posted? Should I give my relocation address to prove the point?

Just wondering?

(George Webb) SWEIGERT et al v. PODESTA et al , Huma Abedin IMRAN AWAN, JAMAL AWAN submitted by ESOTERICshade to pizzagate

Mej777 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

George Webb is George Webb Sweigart. He has been from the beginning he FOIA’d his own FBI, CIA, DHS documents in 2015. He had them released on line before he started this because he was placed in FBI conintel harassment program by FBI agent Andrew McCabe for speaking out about government entrapment schemes by the FBI/ 2010.

McCabe is under investigation for taking a bribe from HRC buddy Gov. Macaulliffe (who was under FBI corruption investigation at the time) for $700,000 dollars while in charge of email/Clinton Foundation investigation

For those that don’t believe in Targeted Individuals... He is one. This is his mission to expose it all for all whistleblowers who have been silenced.

His son is a doctor just graduated med school. His father was WW11 hero who invented first cordless phones. He was an Indiana Basketball Star in college.

Everyone that jumped off at the word Mossad that was intentional throw...