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Porting Voat to Open Platform submitted by PuttItOut to voatdev

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Enter the name of a Windows program,to see alternatives in Linux. submitted by FrogMantra to Linux

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600 cigs through the lungs. submitted by ExpertShitposter to mildlyinteresting

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You dumb bastard. Rolling tobacco contains a greater % of additives than factory made cigarettes. Necessary to prevent mold and fungus etc.

4 Best Linux Distros for Older Hardware submitted by fluxusp to Linux

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Setting up your partitions and the Slackware installation process is much easier than most people seem to believe.

IMO it only gets difficult when you want a fully encrypted system. And this is tricky across all distros.

Account Deleted By User submitted by Ellardin to occult

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I'm interested but I am thinking it will be difficult to find a book most people haven't read.

I prefer a book list. This allows people to read a couple of different books at a time, and people are less likely to be excluded from discussion because there are several books being discussed (rather than sitting out for a month because you weren't reading the book of the month for whatever reason). The book list could be posted in a sticky, and include links to the separate discussions of each book. But we'd need an active mod for that.