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Gab is suing Google for allegedly violating antitrust laws, submitted: 9/15/2017 3:59:43 PM, 381 points (+383|-2)

UK: School Makes Boys Wear Skirts, submitted: 6/4/2018 9:15:02 AM, 98 points (+100|-2)

The Time Machine is Finished..., submitted: 4/22/2018 5:48:18 PM, 87 points (+91|-4)

NRA Names the Jew, submitted: 2/23/2018 12:18:25 PM, 78 points (+82|-4)

Seth Rich's Parents - thank the internet for helping Find Seth's killer, submitted: 5/21/2017 1:31:09 AM, 65 points (+65|-0)

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The New AG is /ourgoy/, submitted: 11/10/2018 4:12:14 AM, 0 points (+3|-3)

Newfags should watch this so they understand what "Nazis" believe, submitted: 9/26/2018 5:04:36 AM, 1 points (+1|-0)

Indian woman divorce husband because dem no get toilet - BBC News, submitted: 8/25/2017 4:47:22 PM, 1 points (+1|-0)

Shadowrun Hong Kong Keys are sent - check your email!, submitted: 8/17/2015 2:44:47 PM, 1 points (+1|-0)

IQ Tests Disney Parody, submitted: 5/19/2017 4:59:05 AM, 1 points (+1|-0)

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BREAKING: Gab's domain registrar has given us 5 days to transfer our domain or they will seize it. The free and open web is in danger. - @getongab submitted by SexMachine to news

Marou 0 points 98 points (+98|-0) ago

This should be of huge interest to goats, because this domain could come under similar attack at any time. It's only our relatively small user base that has kept us off the radar.

School bars mom from entering after she objected to gay 'pride' event for 5-year-olds submitted by mattsixteen24 to news

Marou 0 points 74 points (+74|-0) ago

It's how they reproduce.

Last night's frothing lunatic Trump-bashing Emmy Awards hits RECORD LOW in ratings, viewership down nearly 40% from previous record low submitted by dv1155 to news

Marou 0 points 66 points (+66|-0) ago

Hey now, the Special Olympics makes all the retards compete to see who is best at whatever sport.

This is just a competition to see who is the most retarded.

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James Comey now believes Donald Trump was trying to influence Russia investigation, source says submitted by alphonso to news

Marou 29 points -12 points (+17|-29) ago

What I want to know is how this bullshit rapidly got enough upvoats to show up on the front page even though it's obviously shill fake news bullshit. Bots? Now we're feeding this thing SCP?

Account Deleted By User submitted by gabara to whatever

Marou 9 points -5 points (+4|-9) ago

Did you have a point?

Quick update submitted by AccountZero to ThePedes

Marou 3 points -2 points (+1|-3) ago

I'm stealing that saying.