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Clinton Global Initiative Folded Because They Can No Longer Sell Access to Political Power by GbannedbyLGBT in politics

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our new image host goat @jmtullock was shadowbanned from reddit lol and his post about imgtc was removed from the_donald ONE OF US!!! by SaneGoatiSwear in whatever

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Reddit and imgur are in bed with eachother. using a different image host other than the reddit approved one means you are racist and literally hitler.

Report: 300,000 Small Business Jobs Lost Due to Obamacare by Joker68 in politics

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Duh, when you make it impossible for new businesses to hire people and make a profit then this will obviously happen.

Asparagus by Schmorganumb in funny

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Actually he comes off as normal human being with compassion for others. Not everyone has this me vs the world attitude. grow up kiddo.

Asparagus by Schmorganumb in funny

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You are literally made of edges.

Trans Student to MILO: 'You're Not Gay Anymore', 'You Have Never Been One of Us' by fluxusp in SJWHate

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An Australian sniper using a periscope rifle at Gallipoli, 1915 by chmod in HistoryPix

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Dude at the bottom is seriously bored with this.

Hillarys' on Sale by Empress in funny

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Doesn't the losing team's merch usually go to Africa or some other poor area?

What's the straight dope on Voat? by merlinfire in AskVoat

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Seat's Taken'

What's the straight dope on Voat? by merlinfire in AskVoat

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Go cry somewhere else.

Something looking prehistoric recorded in Lakeland, Florida. by yanni_ in gifs

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BREAKING: Trump caught red handed with Russian prostitute by fujin in funny

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Woah where did this come from? Obviously fake right?

Are there any Black or Jewish people on Voat? by The_God_Frog in AskVoat

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Amalek is actually jewish.

The Terra cotta Army by MrPim in Museum

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Seriously one of the coolest things on this earth. I hope to see it one day.

Do you think drug testing is a way for jobs to lawfully discriminate against marijuana users? by ZetaReticulan in AskVoat

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I was an everyday smoker then I got busted a while back. My PO gave me 30 days to get clean. He said 30 days it's always gone no matter how much you smoked. We waited exactly 30 days and he was right it was gone and I was stunned because I had been smoking A LOT.

A Jew just redesigned Lady Liberty and now she's African. by MaxSpiers in politics

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1/2 ........ by ToTheMoonAlice in whatever

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Had a laugh at the Voat advert. Muslim Feminism IS an oxymoron by slickleg64 in whatever

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Did you see where the ad led to? It was an obvious joke.

I say let natural selection run its course. by adhdferret in funny

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Voat has a very hard time understanding satire.

Don't mess with these guys... by Bill_Murrays_Sandals in gifs

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Counter-Terrorists Win!

a Frickin' Elephant by xwwarriorx in funny

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Why does this look like my grandma printed this off facebook and then put it on her cork board?

An old friend of mine committed suicide this week by highly_paid_orgy_pro in whatever

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Damn was looking for a punchline. Sucks man, hoping you find peace.

Dubs . by lakeyosemit in funny

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check em'

Our president elect just labeled CNN a "fake news organization" by MCVoat in politics

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He could revoke their press pass.