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Merkel's Govt in Death Spiral Due to Migration Crisis; 81% of Germany Think Crisis 'Mishandled' submitted by fluxusp to news

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In 1956 the people in Hungary surrounded government offices with snipers and blew their brains out. When the army was called in they sided with the people and even supplied them with guns.

Merkel is a soft target, as are many of these treacherous politicians in Germany.

If somebody was to spray Merkels brains out they'd be forever remembered in the history books as a hero.

The Panthers Are The Most Unapologetically Black Team In NFL History. And it's awesome. submitted by 1Sorry_SOB to sports

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All he does is run, that's all black QBs are good for.

And it's funny how blacks are encouraged to celebrate their " blackness" which usually means acting like an idiot, yet white people are shamed for saying anything good about their race.

Also, they show a wannabe drug dealing thug ( Jeezy) as a way to " celebrate blackness".

They glorify criminal behavior and the media makes them role models, and then when a nigger gets arrested for selling drugs it's apparently the racist white man's fault.

Is /v/Conspiracy's rule #2 to prevent discussion of jews? submitted by frankenham to AskVoat

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This is a good rule. We shouldn't be lumping truth in with the discrediting term " conspiracy".

And a conspiracy can be true. A conspiracy is only a secret plan, and the elites don't operate with transparency.

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Lol auto complete knows what sloppy seconds is. I type sloppy and it suggested seconds hahaha submitted by Lv-23 to whatever

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Who's Amalek?

And even if I I knew, you think I'd tell you?

Also, you're nothing but a pathetic loser to me, I feel sorry for you. You're obsessed with me. I must be one of the best things you got going in your life right now.

Premium Escort services in Toronto submitted by VictoriaS to whatever

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These girls are all getting pimped out and fucked by dirty niggers. Disgusting. Banging an escort in Toronto means getting a niggers sloppy seconds.