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John McCain is not a war hero, submitted: 4/1/2017 8:14:14 PM, 71 points (+80|-9)

Leveling Up, submitted: 5/1/2017 3:11:20 AM, 54 points (+58|-4)

Joe Rogan & Alex Jones on Pizzagate: Anthony Weiner, Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, submitted: 2/3/2017 3:16:36 AM, 37 points (+38|-1)

ISIS can be on Facebook and Twitter, but hate speech is a no-no!, submitted: 4/8/2017 4:18:28 AM, 32 points (+34|-2)

Wikileaks director calls CIA a hostile intelligence service, says it threatens democracy, submitted: 4/16/2017 6:04:47 PM, 24 points (+24|-0)

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White Supremacists Are Fucking Retarded, submitted: 5/17/2017 5:13:45 AM, -13 points (+6|-19)

Lol, a bald white man is taking down confederate statues and shit, submitted: 5/24/2017 4:05:50 AM, -12 points (+1|-13)

Voat has a bunch of bitch ass right-wing SJWs, submitted: 2/5/2017 6:55:05 AM, -11 points (+3|-14)

The old white guys in my race and gender class... cringe worthy, submitted: 4/10/2017 3:12:35 PM, -10 points (+2|-12)

First trip overseas and Trump is already sucking off Muslim pork, submitted: 5/22/2017 7:55:13 AM, -9 points (+3|-12)

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Hillary Clinton And The Woman Who Rigged Her DNC Nomination submitted by guinness2 to politics

KingTrump2024 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago

Barbra Boxer: The voice vote cannot be contested! Bangs Gavel Runs off stage. Donna Brazille: I didn't give her questions... Russia Russia Russia and of course, DWS

Bernie Sanders vs Ted Cruz Obamacare Debate Part 1 2/7/17 submitted by KingTrump2024 to whatever

KingTrump2024 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago

Imo, i think he was blackmailed. Also, it's f-d up he bought a new 600,000 k vacation home. And he should have paid all the venues he held rallies at, rumor has it he's got some unpaid bills.

Shouldn't have sold out and endorsed hillary... even kasich nope'd out of VP

Bill Maher Glorifying Anthony Weiner While Completely Disregarding The Fact That He Was Caught Sending Dick Pics To A 15 Year Old. (how has this not gone viral? where is his apology press conference?) submitted by Doc_Cochran to videos

KingTrump2024 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago

Idk why you were downvoated.

Anyways, yeah, John Oliver's gotten a lot worse. It used to be a lot better, especially when he covered issued that no one else would touch in 1,000 years (municipal court parking tickets, special districts, etc).

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BLM Seattle: "We Need To Start Killing People" - "The White House Must Die" submitted by 9-11 to politics

KingTrump2024 4 points -4 points (+0|-4) ago

Posts like this is why I left Voat. All of the trash from Reddit came here.

Voat has a bunch of bitch ass right-wing SJWs submitted by KingTrump2024 to whatever

KingTrump2024 3 points -3 points (+0|-3) ago

gawd, u guys r worse than blue lives matter

Kellyanne Conway Casting Couch - Oval Office Edition submitted by KingTrump2024 to whatever

KingTrump2024 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

what else would you do with a desk and a comfortable reclining office chair?