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Scientists are saying that brown grizzly bears are migrating north and breeding with polar bears and that it's a threat to their species... But it's OK if Muslims do that to Europeans. submitted by ZionistScum to European

Kindyre 0 points 19 points (+19|-0) ago

If MuslimsMiddle Easterners and Europeans aren't two different species, then neither are Grizzlies and Polar Bears.

Name one thing that separates those two types of bears more than our two types of humans.

While officially they are taxonomically classified as two different species, Polar Bears and Grizzlies check off all of the conditions commonly agreed upon as the requirement for "one species":

  • Same chromosome count
  • Can interbreed
  • Do interbreed in the wild
  • Offspring is viable
  • Offspring is fertile

Also of note:

The hybrid offspring not only has outward traits that are approximately "between" the two parents (dark-white/light-brown fur, neck longer than Grizzly but shorter than Polar Bear) but they also exhibit a mix-match of instinctive behaviors that are usually unique to their parent species.

For example, they really like crushing things, the same way a Polar Bear will crush ice to look for food. They also lie down by sprawling their legs, like a Polar Bear, instead of on their sides like a Grizzly. On the other hand, they do like to get on their hind legs, particularly to scratch their backs on a tree, like a Grizzly... although they're a bit clumsy at it due to their longer necks.

The Individual Is Awakening: What Brexit and the Trump Movement Have in Common submitted by Grigorii to European

Kindyre 0 points 8 points (+8|-0) ago

A Volk is a collective of awakened individuals, aware of what shapes the world they live in, joined by dedication towards making it better for themselves and each other.

A collective of mindless serfs, that look no further than the next paycheck, and hope for nothing but the newest, shiniest trinkets and toys, is not a Volk. It is merely a herd.

Easily manipulated with pithy slogans, that say so much but mean so little.

Easily agitated by waving the false flag of an enemy in front of their noses, even when it has them chasing their own tails and tearing into their own limbs.

Easily placated by the instant gratification of an illusion of altruism, which never actually helps anyone in need but never fails to fill already overflowing pockets.

Herds can be useful at times. But they cannot be the basis of a great civilization.

It's demoralizing when you read the comments on Voat and see how maybe 1/10 people actually have their facts straight and know what they're talking about. submitted by Jsjsjw to European

Kindyre 0 points 8 points (+8|-0) ago

Ironic post is ironic. Or just plain subversive.

If you see misinformation, feel free to correct it. With concrete corrections and sources. That's how you get rid of misinformation.

All you're doing here is spreading doubt and insecurity with a vague and and over-generalized criticism of everything and nothing in particular.

Now that's demoralization in action.

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Shot teenager calls Swedish SOS, operator doesn't believe him submitted by Longbottom_Leaf to European

Kindyre 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

This exchange made me laugh, thanks for that.

So what do you guys think about opening up /r/european again? submitted by RamblinRambo to European

Kindyre 2 points 0 points (+2|-2) ago

Voat is certainly better than Reddit in many ways. Hell, even general subs like /v/news are pretty red-pilled here.

But leaving Reddit in general, as well as closing /r/european, is a mistake. Largely because it's so comfortable here.

If we're serious about changing things for the better, our primary objective must be to reach and convince as many people as possible. People who don't share our views.

Retreating to our own little safe space does the opposite. We're just preaching to the choir here. /v/news and /v/politics already cover most of what we would. Meanwhile, we're giving the leftists on Reddit exactly what they wanted: less opposition to their post-modernist doctrines and a cleaner echo chamber.

The quarantine of /r/european showed that we were stepping on the right toes. We should have kept on marching, not retreated.

And closing it off completely only allowed the SJWs to spin all sorts of lies about it.

So what do you guys think about opening up /r/european again? submitted by RamblinRambo to European

Kindyre 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

Depends on what you mean by "it would work".

Might they quarantine a sub that doesn't permit slurs, just because it draws attention to facts they don't like?

Sure, it's possible.

But doing so would convince a lot more people that Reddit/SJWs are in the wrong.

And if they don't, we can continue red-pilling the indoctrinated masses. Perhaps more effectively than before.

Sounds like a win/win situation to me.