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Did you delete your reddit account? Why or why not? submitted by Weebo to AskVoat

Jpaul199 0 points 121 points (+121|-0) ago

I didn't delete my Reddit account, but I may consider it if I figure that Voat is a good permanent alternative.

Windows 10 Starts Charging For Missing Features submitted by pete-n-pete to technology

Jpaul199 16 points 78 points (+94|-16) ago

They only charge to remove ads from the "Challenge Mode" of solitaire. The normal vanilla game types are still free, and adless.

Not to mention, DVD playback is something that isn't free (technically). DVDs use MPEG-2, which is a license that has to be purchased to decode in hardware. The DVDs technically can be decoded without this, but only in "software" mode, aka by the CPU and not dedicated hardware for it. This is why VLC and others are free.

This article is stupid, and the fearmongers who wrote it should feel bad.

deleted by user submitted by icecream to technology

Jpaul199 5 points 68 points (+73|-5) ago


Nobody should get a Mac.

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The Rothschilds Are Believed To Be Worth $500 Trillion. And Are Not On Forbes Rich List! - Educate Inspire Change submitted by cumshartingfaggot to TIL

Jpaul199 6 points -2 points (+4|-6) ago

It's a made-up amount of made-up money.

Latest: Nintendos NES Classic Gets Hacked, The Russian Hacker Uploads New Games Via USB Cable submitted by dontmakemefool to technology

Jpaul199 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

Also it's not illegal and a 6 year old can set up a NES Mini by themselves.