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why are people saying that Milo was ''taken out'' when I seen the video and seen what Milo himself said?, submitted: 2/25/2017 4:45:37 PM, 13 points (+16|-3)

U.S. cuts off UNESCO funding after Palestinian vote, submitted: 3/12/2017 1:42:05 AM, 9 points (+9|-0)

Megadeth (1988) So Far, So Good ...So What! *Full Album*, submitted: 3/15/2017 11:02:52 PM, 1 points (+3|-2)

Jews supporting Islamic immigration., submitted: 2/24/2017 6:36:21 PM, 0 points (+3|-3)

This is how much 1 transport truck full of cocaine is worth., submitted: 2/16/2017 7:36:03 PM, 0 points (+3|-3)

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Exposing Trump and the (((alt-right)))., submitted: 2/9/2017 5:55:19 PM, -11 points (+3|-14)

Why are Jews building mosques in America ?, submitted: 2/23/2017 4:26:15 PM, -11 points (+1|-12)

Alt-right (((shills))) are defending MIlo to make the alt-right look like a bunch of pedo sympathizers. Milo is a gay Jewish pedophile. Stop defending him., submitted: 2/26/2017 5:09:59 PM, -11 points (+3|-14)

Who else needs to put a sheet of toilet paper in the toilet to make a poop net to stop water from splashing up their asshole?, submitted: 2/16/2017 6:34:48 PM, -9 points (+6|-15)

Exposing Trump and the (((alt-right))). PT2, submitted: 2/9/2017 5:58:22 PM, -8 points (+4|-12)

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Lauren Southern Quits Rebel Media, Goes Independent submitted by kneo24 to politics

JewJew 0 points 10 points (+10|-0) ago

The Rebel Media is owned by Zionist Jew Erza Levant. They're shills.

Account Deleted By User submitted by MightyYetGentle7 to whatever

JewJew 1 points 9 points (+10|-1) ago

White genocide.

Account Deleted By User submitted by eslave242 to AskVoat

JewJew 1 points 7 points (+8|-1) ago

The Democrats are primarily Jewish funded and they hate Russia because Russia supports Syria and Iran whom act against the interest of Israel.

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Andrew Breitbart: The man who blew the lid off pizzagate/pedogate before we even knew what it was. RIP submitted by Rangers_justice to pizzagate

JewJew 14 points -11 points (+3|-14) ago

Andrew Breitbart was a Zionist Jew and Breitbart was fonded in Israel.

The standards of honor and integrity this administration operates under compared to the previous administrations is like night and day. Mad respect for President Trump and his entire crew. submitted by TexasVet to politics

JewJew 16 points -8 points (+8|-16) ago


Trump's pick for Department of Health is under suspicion of committing stock market fraud.

All in all – since 2009, Tom Price has executed more than 630 trades on the stock market, with many of them involving the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors he oversees as chair of the U.S. House of Representatives Budget Committee and as a member of the House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Health. Over just the past four years, Georgia congressman Tom Price had traded more than $300,000 in shares in about 40 healthcare companies while pushing legislation in Congress that could influence the stock prices of those companies. S.2038 prohibits the use of non-public information for private profit, including insider trading by members of Congress and other government employees.

Trump has appointed Dan Coats, a veteran lobbyist who's under investigation for stock fraud to Director of National Intelligence and he's a hardcore lobbyist. Coats spent years as a lobbyist between 2000 and 2010, working on behalf of a variety of clients in defense, pharmaceuticals, financial services and private equity, among other industries, according to public records. His clients included Lockheed Martin, a company Trump recently criticized for the high price of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

You call this draining the swamp? Thought he said he was going to get rid of lobbyists? Don't expect Breitbart to talk about this either since Trump's top advisor Stephen Bannon owns Breitbart. Breitbart is currently the official state media in the sense that it's owned by a senior member of the Trump administration. Breitbart was also founded in Israel btw.

The Democrats and the left are funded by Goldman Sachs.

Trump's victory was in response to what the left was doing.

Trump is backed by Goldman Sachs and ended up putting Goldman Sachs appointees in charge of the government to fix the problems Goldman Sachs has created.

Goldman Sachs created a problem, and then they gave us their solution, which was Trump, and then Trump gave Goldman Sachs even more power and control over the government.

See how it works? Simple.


You must understand that those who print the money control politics and therefore control society, and that those who control media will control culture which shapes and molds how a populous thinks and acts ( or fails to act). A very small group of tribalist Jews (Zionists) control both of these things. They hold global banking and media monopolies. A private group of tribalist Jews invent money out of thin air and loan to governments at an interest . There's nothing Federal about the Federal Reserve. It's a private institution that has been run by Jews for the last 40 years. They control the manufacturing and distribution of wealth which gives them almost unlimited power. Money is power and they print it. I implore you to do your own research into this because I'm barely scraping the surface.

The bankers understand the cyclical nature of politics and have given us a false revolution to retain their grip on power. They are the controlled opposition. It's called full spectrum control/dominance. Trump was nothing more than a false revolution to restore faith in the system that the same elites still control.

The Nation's Biggest Banks Have Gotten a $130 Billion Boost from Trump Win

Goldman Sachs hits 8 year high.

Goldman Sachs' No. 2 Gary Cohn is Trump's top economic adviser

Trump has meeting with Goldman Sachs president.

Trump considering Goldman Sachs Cohn for energy secretary

Trump isn't prosecuting Hillary.

Trump appointee Jew Wilbur Ross worked for Rothschild for 20 years.

Trump's pick for Education Cheif is billionaire Betsy DeVos who's pro Common Core and admits to buying political influence with Trump.

And here she is admitting that she buys political influence.

Trump picks Mitch McConnell's wife to be Transportation Secretary

Trump considering Romney for Secretary Of State.

Trump giving Jewish son-in-law top Whitehouse position.

" Kushner also spearheaded the campaign’s data operation and helped craft some policy speeches, including Trump’s address at this year’s AIPAC Policy Conference, and was often the last person Trump spoke to before making any major decisions."

Zionist Organization Of America support Bannon.

Donald Trump's Goldman Sachs campaign manager (Stephen Bannon) just said that money doesn't control politics.

Trump's pick to head the Treasury is a Jewish Goldman Sachs hedge fund manager and Hollywood producer ( was also employed by Soros and Hollywood media firms) and produced the movie " The Accountant". His father was also a Goldman Sachs banker and his grandfather was a diamond dealer.

Trump to make Jewish billionaire sacmmer Wilber Ross head of the Department of commerce.

Ex Goldman Sachs banker Bannon running Trump's campaign.

Bannon Goldman Sachs ( One of many Goldman Sachs associates working for him)

Clinton's CIA director James Woosley working for Trump.

Woosley working for Rothschild

Bannon running Trump's campaign.

Woosley Clinton's ex CIA director that works for the Rothschilds in Genie Energy is advising Trump.

Trump disavows Alt-Right and calls them racist.

Trump backtracking on climate change.

Trump lies

Trump is owned by the Jews. All 4 of his adult aged children are married to Jews, and all of his grandchildren are Jewish, and his daughter Ivanka already converted to Judaism. Within one generation the Trump family will be entirely Jewish.

Ivanka is married to Jew Jared kushner whose brother Joshua Kushner used to be Goldman Sachs and how owns Oscar Health the ObamaCare startup which has been The tweaks that Trump makes to ObamaCare are going to line to pockets of Joshua Kushner for sure.

Now let's dig a little deeper. Jared kushner is admittedly one of Trump's top advisors and his father Democrat Charles Kushner was convicted of making illegal campaign contributions to the Democrats and was also convicted of extortion for hiring prostitutes to seduce people and filming them have sex with hidden cameras. He also supplied a gay Israeli lover to another politician who has secretly gay and tried to blackmail him as well. These are the people telling Trump what to do. Here's the complete story

Trump is owned by the Jews and in one generation his family will he entirely Jewish and all his wealth will be concentrated to the Kushners and the Jews. The Kushners were direct real estate rivals with Trump in NYC and now they'll be inheriting most of Trump's empire after he dies. Seems to me like the Kushners own Trump.


Geert Wilders pledges to 'de-Islamise' the Netherlands submitted by HookHandNodin to politics

JewJew 14 points -6 points (+8|-14) ago

H'es being investigated by Dutch Secret Service for having secret political ties to Israel.

H'es a Zionist shill. This is how the Jews are taking over the political right. Trump,LePen, Wilders, Alex Jones, Micheal Savage, Rush LImbaugh, The Rebel Media (Erva Levant) etc, are all known to be pro-Israel puppets that are surrounded by Zionist Jews.