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America please protect your 2nd amendment., submitted: 6/13/2016 12:57:51 PM, 187 points (+193|-6)

My brother won't talk to me anymore because I said illegal Mexican immigration is bad in the US..., submitted: 6/10/2016 3:20:18 PM, 111 points (+111|-0)

Had a discussion about Trump today..., submitted: 5/16/2016 1:08:39 PM, 70 points (+77|-7)

This is one reason why Canada is so fucked., submitted: 4/19/2016 6:59:26 PM, 62 points (+67|-5)

I bought a Trump t-shirt when I was in Texas..., submitted: 6/19/2016 3:36:41 PM, 52 points (+52|-0)

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Why do people here call Wikipedia Jewpedia?, submitted: 5/27/2016 5:42:34 PM, 1 points (+3|-2)

Please no more immigrants., submitted: 3/8/2016 6:39:21 PM, 3 points (+5|-2)

How credible is the dailymail?, submitted: 3/30/2016 7:52:36 PM, 4 points (+6|-2)

Can someone explain this?, submitted: 5/11/2016 12:58:54 PM, 6 points (+8|-2)

CBCs new policy for commenting. No more anonymity., submitted: 5/20/2016 9:43:40 PM, 6 points (+6|-0)

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Split up with my girlfriend a while ago - guess how many pounds she's put on! submitted by FatFuckery to fatpeoplehate

Imadumbass 4 points 46 points (+50|-4) ago

Being 6 foot and 140lbs of "pure muscle" isn't anything to brag about.

Antidepressants found to be both Ineffective and Harmful for Children & Teens submitted by Javik2186 to science

Imadumbass 1 points 42 points (+43|-1) ago

I don't even have to read this article. They pretty much ruined my life.

Just wanted to point out: Voat has only 22 days of funding left. submitted by Dereliction to whatever

Imadumbass 0 points 36 points (+36|-0) ago

Lol so edgey. Go back to reddit and refill your mountain dew bud.

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deleted by user submitted by deleted to AskVoat

Imadumbass 16 points -13 points (+3|-16) ago

Really? You copied this question straight fron reddit lol.

What characteristic do you most dislike in yourself? submitted by lackscompassion to AskVoat

Imadumbass 4 points -4 points (+0|-4) ago


Account Deleted By User submitted by Weishaupt to news

Imadumbass 5 points -4 points (+1|-5) ago

What does saying Mike Rowe even mean? These people already work with their hands and do shit jobs.