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Band - AIDS, submitted: 10/23/2018 2:53:39 PM, 227 points (+231|-4)

Per-Ception, submitted: 6/19/2018 9:32:09 PM, 101 points (+107|-6)

Bumpy Ride, submitted: 9/27/2018 4:29:15 PM, 84 points (+85|-1)

Believe in Something, even if it means sacrificing everything. - Nike, submitted: 9/4/2018 1:55:54 PM, 40 points (+46|-6)

Every Murdoch Murdoch Episode (((As of 9/9/17))), submitted: 9/12/2018 1:34:55 PM, 40 points (+42|-2)

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White people having relationships with Asians is Miscegenation and should be shunned., submitted: 7/27/2018 6:49:20 PM, -1 points (+4|-5)

Why is NASA lying to us?, submitted: 5/7/2018 9:13:59 PM, 0 points (+4|-4)

Preppers - The best piece of gear is you!, submitted: 8/20/2018 4:56:14 PM, 1 points (+1|-0)

Pastor Preaching Flat Earth Truth from the Bible, submitted: 9/28/2018 5:26:46 PM, 1 points (+5|-4)

Why isn't the wall built and Hillary in Jail?, submitted: 11/1/2018 9:02:16 PM, 2 points (+5|-3)

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This alone should have caused a revolt in the UK submitted by antiliberalsociety to whatever

IheartSwimming 0 points 64 points (+64|-0) ago

Religious Education Curriculum

Refusal to allow your child to attend will result in a permanent Racial Discrimination note

Religion is not racial U.K.

South Africa - And so it begins....... submitted by CognitiveDissident5 to whatever

IheartSwimming 0 points 55 points (+55|-0) ago

Time for those niggers to learn the hard way.

As far as I'm concerned, /v/theawakening is like a boat load of niggers hitting the shores of Italy. submitted by Rotteuxx to whatever

IheartSwimming 0 points 51 points (+51|-0) ago


  • Comes to your country

  • Subverts government and institutions

  • You try to stop it

  • AntiSemitism

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Not All Heroes Wear Capes submitted by OyVey_theGoyimKnow to pics

IheartSwimming 6 points -6 points (+0|-6) ago

Mel Gibson, Mal Gibson.

Trans identified male leaps from ambulance to be killed by oncoming traffic - media omits his trans status. submitted by Artofchoke to news

IheartSwimming 7 points -6 points (+1|-7) ago

Transgenders want to be the opposite sex (and referred to as such), the media respects that.

Cutting Corners submitted by Scythe_001 to funny

IheartSwimming 7 points -5 points (+2|-7) ago

Evolution fucked up on this one.