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Since Arianna Grande's crowd should be little girls, how many UK dad's were red pilled tonight? submitted by SonOfRobin to TheDonald

HuggableBear 4 points 46 points (+50|-4) ago

Europe is fucking done. They voted for this shit over and over and fucking over again. The few decent human beings are going to be wiped out by sandniggers within a generation because they can't be bothered to reproduce. Meanwhile, Muhammad and his 4 inbred child brides have 18 inbred children soaking up tax money and just looking for white people to rape and murder.

Europe can go fuck itself. It's a continent full of serfs who got a taste of freedom and decided they wanted to go back to serfdom. I'm sorry for the small percentage of them that can see the reality, but all they have to do is get on a plane and go elsewhere. If they have any sort of marketable skill they can earn a living somewhere that isn't full of ragheads.

They have all given up on life and their ancestors are weeping. They have no future. Their descendants will be sandniggers and even their memories will be gone. Their legacy will be failure and appeasement and their white flag will have a moon and star.

Fuck them all. They can all get blown up tonight for all I care and the world will be better for it. They have already demonstrated that there is literally no limit to the shit they will accept in the name of virtue and anyone who refuses to defend himself gets exactly what he deserves. This Ariana Grande bullshit was the last fucking str-


I wouldn't want to hire you either, you freak. submitted by LeopoldXXII to TheDonald

HuggableBear 0 points 30 points (+30|-0) ago

I wonder how much they spend on hair dye and weed?

What exactly is the difference between TheDonald and ThePedes? submitted by redoundo to TheDonald

HuggableBear 0 points 28 points (+28|-0) ago

thepedes is an organized exit from Reddit. The mods don't want to use this one because then they're not mods anymore. You do the math.

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They all gleefully return to the Spez plantaion. submitted by Buddyforealdo to TheDonald

HuggableBear 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

You just need to understand that there's a difference between a regular dude who happens to practice Judaism and (((the jews))).

Just like there's a .001% global elite that orchestrates everything, the same is true of Zionists, it's just that instead of .001%, it's more like 10%. The number of extraordinarily rich jews in positions of power in every fucking facet of civilized life is staggering once you are made aware of it.

But that ain't you, man. You're just a dude in a yarmulke. For you it's a religion, not a superior race of puppetmasters hiding behind pretend persecution.

Single White Women More Opposed to a Wall Than Mexicans submitted by sand_mann to politics

HuggableBear 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

But they only questioned men and women. What about the genderqueer otherkin? Who will survey xhem?

This needs to be a Voat thing. submitted by Thegreatestname to politics

HuggableBear 2 points 0 points (+2|-2) ago

Podesta's emails weren't bait, they were legitimately innocuous emails between nerdy socialites who think they are so much funnier than they actually are because they're constantly told how great they are and have never heard a harsh word in their lives. Podesta is a Washington power broker. Everyone tries to suck his dick over everything. "Oh John, your pasta is divine. It's so good I feel like it's a drug!"

Does Podesta know about elite human trafficking? Undoubtedly.

Does he take part? Possibly, but I personally doubt it.

Are his leaked emails proof of trafficking? Fuck no. They're just cringy people being cringy. Literally the only email that ever struck me as suspicious was the pizza map one, and even that one could be legit, although it is definitely odd.

The good thing about the whole thing, though, is that it really opened a lot of eyes to the fact that this shit is real, it's far more prevalent than they realized, and it's being participated in and covered up at the absolute highest levels.