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NFL: We're totally sorry, please forgive us. See we love America too! Please come back. submitted by pumeler to sports

Hackerman 0 points 24 points (+24|-0) ago

too late, faggots. you made your shit bed, now you get to roll around in it. can't wait to see what sort of public conniption they'll have when they're forced to actually start paying taxes for once

Thanks Poland! submitted by BLOODandHONOUR to funny

Hackerman 0 points 15 points (+15|-0) ago

poles are good people. don't think i've ever met one who was innately a shitty person. a bit corrupt and/or crazy, sure.and even then, it was mostly high level stuff that was non violent and can be justified, like growing pot and shrooms, or blackhatting PayPal or some shit. but generally friendly and nice to get along with unless you start to fuck with their shit. it doesn't surprise me in the least how europe turned out

South Park skewers DNA ancestry testing submitted by 2dlapse to funny

Hackerman 2 points 14 points (+16|-2) ago

even a broken clock is right twice a day

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White genocide? Stop being so dramatic submitted by Crensch to whatever

Hackerman 4 points -3 points (+1|-4) ago

so clearly you're a troll, or english isn't your first language, that's okay

bullshit trolling calling me a jew


[boo l-shit] Slang: Vulgar.


  1. nonsense, lies, or exaggeration.

verb (used with object), bullshitted or bullshit, bullshitting.

      2. to lie or exaggerate to.

verb (used without object), bullshitted or bullshit, bullshitting.

      3. to speak lies or nonsense.


      4. (used especially to express disagreement.)

you know what too, since i've got time to kill right now and you just put me in the mood with your drivel, let's go... round two, where we originally left off...

When you can't, eat your words for feeling entitled to not having to support your claims.

what claim, that you pointing out unrelated shit is useless? that's self-evident

my point would be more effective if i didn't focus on useless shit

the useless shit i'm saying is hurting my point

Prove either of those.

it's an opinion. i don't have to prove it, and is inherently incapable of being PROVEN as it is SUBJECTIVE. but if you want clarification on my opinion, it's that by pointing out unimportant facts, you're distracting from the point you're ACTUALLY trying to make. or maybe not. maybe your point IS frivolously arguing over someone's account age. in which case, i guess you're dumber than i gave you credit for

Likelihood of being a shill, contributions/year, likelihood of being a sleeper psyop account with minimal upkeep.

an account that's been here for a long time (hell, even a three day old account) doesn't mean shit. OTHER THINGS COME IN TO PLAY WHEN TAKING THAT SHIT IN TO ACCOUNT. for example, if an account is only a day old and only posts links to obvious shill. when an account is two years old and they've just started commenting by making normal conversation and happened to disagree with you on something? OMFG, SUPER SHILL YOU GUISE. OMG, HE'S TOTALLY A JEW SHILL HERE TO PROMOTE MISCEGENATION. MY OPINION IS GODLY AND ITS IMPOSSIBLE THAT ANY SANE HUMAN COULD DISAGREE WITH ME, SO THEY MUST BE A SHILL!!!11!1

...that's what you sound like

Often bought accounts, or sleeper accounts for shill organizations that put effort into a small period of time, then let the account simmer with low contributions until needed. Sometimes legitimate lurkers, but often making really stupid CNN/shareblue-tier claims.

correct. but let's go ALL THE WAY BACK to the beginning and see what comment you were calling him a shill over:

That's still not Genocide. That word should be saved for large scale mass murder, like what the Turks did to the Armenians which is where that word originally came from. By using 'genocide' you sound like an over-dramatic leftist trying to use sensational words to create an over-reaction. Kinda like when SJWs refer to disagreeing with someone on-line as 'Cyber Violence' or 'Harassment' .

'Bigotry' or 'Demographic replacement' would be more appropriate to describing what you linked.

that doesn't sound like a CNN/shareblue-tier claim to me. if anything, it sounds like a valid position to take, to me. if you have a differing opinion than his, then TAKE YOUR OWN ADVICE and ARGUE HIS POINT. don't resort to ad-hominem accounts about his account age because YOU CANNOT FORM A COMPETENT ARGUMENT AGAINST HIM, and therefore need to attack his character instead. classic "pot calling the kettle black" syndrome

Likely sleeper account.

go through his comment history. he sounds like a normal person with their own opinions. NOTHING about it screams shareblue.

> congratulations, you've just literally described 99% of the people on this website


ever hear the story of "the boy who cried wolf"? you should look it up sometimes, you might learn something

No, I'm saying that I do not believe you, which is the literal opposite of agreeing with you, and telling you that I also do not give a shit about any alts you have, because they are irrelevant. Your username is your currency here. If you want to bring an empty wallet, that's not my fault, nor my problem.

deflection, classic jewish tricks (see? i can use ad-hominems too). i'm saying that you agree with me because anything that involves me accounts' ages is irrelevant to the conversation. you've literally said, word for word, that you "don't care". therefore, it's meaningless. therefore, even if you're blue in the face saying that you're not agreeing with me, in a round-about way, you are. but i guess higher-cognition of complex linguistical ideas might be lost on an autist like you (whoops, there i go again with the ad-hominems. guess i'm a quick learner)

Because you cannot. This is why I didn't believe you. "MY OTHER CAR IS A LEAR JET LOLOLOLKTHXBAI"

can't and won't are two very distinct things. i COULD give you my credit card information, or tell you where i live, for example... but would it be wise for me to do so? also, i didn't end my argument there, it was a side-note to establishing how account ages are meaningless WITHOUT CONTEXT. so you're misrepresenting and cherry-picking... wow, does your jewry know no bounds?

We didn't establish shit. You have the opportunity to say "I agree with you on X Y and Z" but NOTHING was pre-established.

because i DID establish that, by saying your comment would be just as effective. i.e: your message would have been the same without pointing out stupid facts. like me saying, "you have a stain on your shirt... and Israel did 9/11". how does the former statement help the latter in any way? besides, my agreeing with you on the matter is IRRELEVANT to the side conversation that WE'RE having, so, i'm taking my own advice and ignoring that part of the conversation. i don't have to reply to EVERY. THING. YOU. SAY. in order to make a point about a different aspect of your comment that has nothing to do with what i'm talking about. i can see how thoroughness might be conflated with validity to an autistic mind such as yours, but it is not, and is in fact ENTIRELY SUPERFLUOUS

It's always the Jews that don't understand what's very obvious to whites.

is that why your grasp on the english language is tenuous, as best?

Except you didn't, and your post was nothing but Jewish tricks from the beginning.

i just pointed out much jewry in your own comment, so what does that say about you? by the way: i'm not a kike, you fucking retard. just thought i'd throw that out there, since you seem to lack the nuances of grammar and linguistic intent

"Lulzguiez I wuz drunk when I made a fool of myself such a great excuse to get out of beingcalledout ima genius"

nope, just pointing out how i only bring myself to argue against pedantic plebeians whenever i happen to be intoxicated, because it's the only time in which your drivel is humorous. i can admit when i'm wrong, but so far i've say nothing out of turn, and you've taken EVERY. SINGLE. OPPORTUNITY. to commit (((ad-hominem))) attacks, (((deflect))), (((change the subject))) and (((misrepresent my words))) by quoting them out of context

You farted in my direction, and thought you'd made a decent argument in doing so.

you vomited on my shoes and got upset that i walked away, like some drunken hobo, and thought you won an argument by doing so

"I never once won, so I'm stopping now because, on some level I know my IQ is lower than the average on the internet"


It's called losing.


So you won't admit you're Jewish? That's OK, you didn't deny it either, and now everyone's going to think you're a Jew.

(((misrepresentation))), (((deflection))), (((ad-hominem)))

anything else? you know what i think you are? i think you're an infiltrator... i think you're here to try and intentionally make this website look bad, and sneak your way in to mod positions and shit like that, by targeting what YOU THINK is low hanging fruit. to eventually try and poison the place when the time is right. i'm gonna keep my eye on you

hey, @kevdude, found the jew

White genocide? Stop being so dramatic submitted by Crensch to whatever

Hackerman 3 points -2 points (+1|-3) ago

man, i don't want to do this. i was having a good ol' time in some happy threads, without having to get all political and argue with intellectual niggers about their stupid shit, but since i've dug this hole, i'd might as well dig some more...


> my point would be more effective if i didn't focus on useless shit
> the useless shit i'm saying is hurting my point
> "so? i'm entitled to be stupid, faggot"

Not really. It's pretty useful most of the time.

is it? what can you infer from the information you mentioned in your OP? let's have a gander...

2.3 year old account - under 1k scp and under 2kccp

lurks moar than contributes, doesn't do much of both

Last submission: 10 months ago

doesn't make a lot of posts

7 comments in the last 26 days

comments more than he posts...

congratulations, you've just literally described 99% of the people on this website

/quotes my account stats/

> doesn't believe me and doesn't care

k, so you're basically agreeing with me that account stats are (at best) ambiguous and (at worst) worthless. wow, way to prove your point

Do it, faggot.

nothx, i do it for a reason

Then look at those calling my words "not genocide" - look at their account ages and contribution, then read this.

completely besides the point of what was my original gripe. but sure, try and pull some jewish tricks on me and see if they work
(protip: they won't)

funny thing is, if you look at the comment that you just replied to, i'm ACTUALLY SAYING THAT I AGREE WITH YOU, 100%, ABOUT WHAT YOU'RE SAYING EXCEPT FOR THE WHOLE "ACCOUNT AGE" THING. so this whole little bit:

Then look at those calling my words "not genocide"

is beyond worthless. we've already established that i agree with you there

anything else?

Voat in primary school submitted by shadow332 to whatever

Hackerman 4 points -2 points (+2|-4) ago

don't mind @Draurgothoth, everyone. he's just got a little sand in his vagina