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Account Deleted By User submitted by orange-avocado to fatpeoplehate

GuamWhaleWatcher 0 points 54 points (+54|-0) ago

Disgust exist to keep us from getting sick. Obese people are clearly diseased. You will find very similar disgust reactions to people displaying obvious signs of lepresy, tumors, or the plague. Obesity looks bad cause it is bad.

While not communicable via traditional pathogens like bacteria, fungi, or viruses, Obesity is clearly a mind virus. It can be passed.from friend to friend and from parents to children. And of course, over the internet as well. Some people develop immunity from these self destructive thought patterns and reward mechanisms, but others do not.

I think we should listen to our disgust instincts, and maintain as far of social and physical distance as possible.

Fat fucks forced my little sister to gain 50 lbs. submitted by drink_some_water to fatpeoplehate

GuamWhaleWatcher 1 points 51 points (+52|-1) ago

These camps are what online SJW's should be fighting against. This is what LBGT and feminist activist need to stop. Instead, they are too busy bitching when they see healthy people in underwear ads. And whining about people staring at them when they eat a week's worth of food in one sitting.

I Suffocate for Thin People submitted by skinnyballerina to fatpeoplehate

GuamWhaleWatcher 0 points 44 points (+44|-0) ago

Somehow she misinterpreted society's shaming, and is restricting her air intake instead of her food intake.

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From 'bodybuilding forums.' submitted by CANCEL-CAT-FACTS to fatpeoplehate

GuamWhaleWatcher 2 points -1 points (+1|-2) ago

This Monday, I finished my lazy bulk. And just hit 200lbs, already down 2 lbs. Expect to lose about 10-15 lbs during my cut these next few weeks. This guy is on the NEB diet. Never Ending Bulk.

I was lifting 5x a week, I have no idea what this guy was doing. I don't think he can perform a deadlift. I doubt he can even balance on a bench, and even if he did a benchpress his range of motion would be shit, as he would just be bouncing off his tits. What a mess.

That Happened on Steroids submitted by Pwning4Ever to fatpeoplehate

GuamWhaleWatcher 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

I consider spitting the same as a punch. I can let any words someone says at me just slide by, but spitting is just gross.

Also the courts agree:

"Intentionally spitting on another person is an offensive touching that rises to the level of simple assault," the three-judge panel wrote.

She really really really needs more food.... submitted by lezzmeister to fatpeoplehate

GuamWhaleWatcher 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

Yeah, she'll be paying with that from money from her job right? Or maybe out of her well managed savings and investments? I'd be willing to bet she is on some form of assistance, so really, all of us will be paying for it. Whether through taxes or increases cost at convenience stores to cover damages like this.