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Latino Studies major at Berkley stabs woman to death for using wrong pronouns submitted by Vaati to news

Gorillion 1 points 86 points (+87|-1) ago

Gee, who'da thought validating and playing into mentally ill people's delusions would end up in violence when some poor fucker forgets that they're not talking to someone connected to normal reality.

Voat should start a town in the US. submitted by Fibbideh to whatever

Gorillion 0 points 85 points (+85|-0) ago

We'd be Waco'd in ten seconds flat.

The Rothschild presence in Russia has been challenged. Putin is readying his people to divorce from the international banking system altogether. submitted by basedputin to news

Gorillion 0 points 79 points (+79|-0) ago

Oh, this is why all the talk of nuclear war against Russia.

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Blacks in 65% Black Baltimore Blame Black on Black Murder on... White People submitted by 502_Bad_Gateway to news

Gorillion 14 points -13 points (+1|-14) ago

But the music, dude. Rock and Pop and EDM is pretty fucking amazing. That shit didn't come from Marty McFly.

#NotAllOrcs submitted by LionElTrump to funny

Gorillion 26 points -10 points (+16|-26) ago

I always like the last minute dive this guy does in the movie. Won't be able to watch it without hearing "Alluah Ackbar!!!" now.

Fuck, a whole re-voicing of the trilogy using all these memes would be amazing.

deleted by user submitted by HasSelfControl to fatpeoplehate

Gorillion 8 points -6 points (+2|-8) ago

I'm guessing by "BPD" you mean Bipolar disorder? "BPD" gets used for Borderline Personality Disorder a lot these days, so you might want to use "BPAD" (Bipolar Affective Disorder) or just type out "Bipolar", because it's way better than being lumped in with the Borderlines who are halfway to being sociopaths.