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What other Paypal-esque services are there? (you know, besides Paypal), submitted: 6/28/2015 7:45:56 PM, 14 points (+14|-0)

Come join the party, guys?, submitted: 7/6/2015 6:32:41 AM, 13 points (+15|-2)

Lobsters are metal \m/, submitted: 6/16/2015 10:29:05 PM, 12 points (+12|-0)

Do voaters leave tabs open to keep an eye on subs?, submitted: 6/27/2015 12:15:41 PM, 11 points (+12|-1)

[Meta] I wanted thank and praise whoever made this sub, submitted: 7/1/2015 2:57:54 AM, 6 points (+6|-0)

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v/AstralArtisans home of the free electronic music band, Astral Artisans, submitted: 6/14/2015 11:09:45 AM, 1 points (+1|-0)

Brand New This- Astral Artisans, submitted: 6/14/2015 11:47:18 PM, 1 points (+1|-0)

When I picked this up for the first time, I read it wrong. Will you?, submitted: 6/17/2015 8:46:04 AM, 1 points (+1|-0)

Brand New This- Astral Artisans (X-post from v/chiptunes), submitted: 6/22/2015 7:38:29 AM, 1 points (+1|-0)

Some Biz- Astral Artisans, submitted: 6/25/2015 11:14:32 AM, 1 points (+1|-0)

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I just deleted my redditt account. Did anyone else? submitted by Courtjester to introductions

Gekkota 0 points 6 points (+6|-0) ago

That's probably gonna be my strategy as well.

I just deleted my redditt account. Did anyone else? submitted by Courtjester to introductions

Gekkota 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago

Nah, I figure I'd let it run. Why clear up server space for that she wanker, Pao?

Good news and bad news in one afternoon submitted by section-owl to Childfree

Gekkota 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago

I've been getting this shit alot as well! Lot's of "When are you going to give us grand kids? I'm ready for grandkids!" I'm like, "just cause you're ready, doesn't mean I'm ready!"

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Q: What do you think happens after death? submitted by Ska to SeriousDiscussion

Gekkota 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

For awhile I personally believed that once we die our Quantum Soul would escape our 3rd spacial dimensional realm and and move on to the next dimensional realm up. I've also considered the possibility that we go to a waiting place where we rest for awhile and we would then have the ability to willingly go back into another body. (reincarnation of sorts) I've talked with a buddy of mine on this subject. He brought up the possibility that going into a body was more of a presented volunteer position and that when we are on the other side, this option seems very enticing.

Who knows for sure, but there is one thing that I definitely believe; we keep coming back.

I recently came across a sub, only a few days ago, called v/contact that had a post that combined my two ideas together (sorta). This post claims that when we die, we actually go to a 2 dimensional realm that acts as a waiting room for our quantum soul to "heal" or "repair itself" until it was time to move back into the 3 dimensional realm and into a new body (doesn't necessarily have to be back on earth.)

Regarding questionable content submitted by Atko to announcements

Gekkota 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

Is there a problem with this site? you gotta bring us to a place where only you have a say? No, I decline and will not go to your spammed out site. If you have something civil to say, you can say it here. Otherwise you can take your trolling agenda elsewhere. Now, is there a relevant point you'd like to make here, or are you gonna keep spamming your link some more?