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Minnesota teacher resigns over 'kill Kavanaugh' post submitted by Prudencia_Prim to news

GapingAnus 1 points 91 points (+92|-1) ago

When you're literally advocating murder of a specific person, how is it you can just resign and not get fucking arrested?

Check out that user picture. submitted by Splooge to whatever

GapingAnus 0 points 65 points (+65|-0) ago

That dad isn't like that either, most likely. More plausible is that this is a setup for a gofundme cash grab.

Kid at Whataburger on the 4th gets his drink thrown in his face and his MAGA hat stolen by employee submitted by Motoko to news

GapingAnus 0 points 50 points (+50|-0) ago

"We have since terminated this employee"

Jesus. Someone doesn't fuck around.

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Must be all that R&D submitted by rspix000 to funny

GapingAnus 23 points -18 points (+5|-23) ago

Capitalism. Price reflects what the market is willing to pay. It's not the government forcing these companies to increase prices. They do because they can.

Don't like it, develop your own.

Q Successfully got you guys to do nothing for 2 years while they lost the house submitted by Holosun510c to politics

GapingAnus 25 points -16 points (+9|-25) ago

They are also the generation that loves the idea of sitting and doing nothing

Except building everything millennials use on a daily basis but assume have always existed but sure. Nothing.

Must be all that R&D submitted by rspix000 to funny

GapingAnus 11 points -11 points (+0|-11) ago

Then make your own in a shithole country with little or no government oversight.

It's a little rich to complain about companies rent-seeking when maximizing profits is what a company does and should do. This includes corrupting the regulatory body as it's just a step to maximizing profits.

If regulatory authority does not exist, it is in your interest to lobby to have one created so that you can use it to stifle competition.