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Sending continuous food and aid to Africa creates a never ending amount of people who need food and aid. The more you feed -> the more they breed -> the more they need. submitted by tendiesonfloor to whatever

G0atku 0 points 10 points (+10|-0) ago

this is very simple, goats:

don't feed the fucking birds

when you feed birds in your back yard consistently, they invariably will become dependent on that food source.

when they become dependent on a seemingly infinite centralized source of food, their population will invariable boom, as in massively increase to sizes far greater than their natural food sources could ever hope to provide.

then, after a year or two - - for science - - stop feeding the birds.

what happens next? the population will (mostly if not all) starve to death.

TLDR: either we've been ignorantly feeding the birds, or for the past century have been setting africa up for a most epic wipe out of their population.

Is Voat going to be the last "wild west" frontier of the internet? submitted by kevo7777 to AskVoat

G0atku 1 points 5 points (+6|-1) ago

don't worry @kevo7777, this is sanegoatiswear and i have spent 6 months building voat's replacement. a few months from now, there will be a new wild west. no censorship, and backed in a system that these shills cannot infiltrate and cannot takeover and cannot destroy.

No One Wants to Say it, but Niggers have got to Go. submitted by 8_billion_eaters to politics

G0atku 2 points 5 points (+7|-2) ago

lol @8_billion_eaters. damn right. kikes and spics have to go as well.

deport the 50million spics, deport the few dozen million niggers to wakanda (aka rhodesia),

deport the jews to fucking israel, and refuse the deported israelis (make 'em go to africa).

this is the most peaceful solution: martial law, military removes peacefully. alot of the niggers are armed with guns from the black market; the police just wouldn't be able to pull it off without a shit ton of bloodshed on both sides.

p.s. buddy, i'm making a new voat without censorship that the shills won't be able to infiltrate/take over.

fyi !

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When parody becomes reality in the UK... submitted by elburrito to IslamUnveiled

G0atku 18 points -16 points (+2|-18) ago

satire is any actual person thingking voat is still a functioning legit site.

subverse transfers: not done for over 1 year.

most viewed in 24 hours: posts are around 12 days old

puttitout stopped all transparency

puttitout killed chat

puttitout banned 400+ users for upvoting, but allowed the known criminal paid SJW shills to downvoat brigade users 20,000+ points and not a single one banned.

puttitout lies openly to the userbase

and more!

check my account @rainy-day-dream @2calculated @elburrito and eualos

see my top and bottom comments and posts (@sanegoatiswear) and you'll start doing down the rabbit hole that is conde nast owned voat.

The lying sociopath Hogg was "At home during the time of the shooting." submitted by Pattern_Blind to politics

G0atku 12 points -11 points (+1|-12) ago

you know who else is a liar? @puttitout !

that's right!

@puttitout is lying to you where the money is coming from that pays for voat.

@puttitout is lying to you about this site having no censorship. any new member will tell you how restrictive it is! and plenty have been downvoat brigaded into account restrictions. @puttitout allowed @fuzzywords a british autistic transvestite SJW (all confirmed on it's blog) code voat for A WHOLE YEAR and allowed every single reddit-teir trash censorship code that it put in.

@puttitout banned hundreds of users for simply upvoting, but refused to ban a single shill for downvoat brigading people speaking up about the SJW takeover of voat. furthermore, @puttitout does nothing to ban those same shills when they use subs like soapboxbanhammer to upvoat farm. consider that @puttitout banned users for upvoting me, including some that had given ONE upvote, and one account that had never upvoated ever anywhere on posts nor on comments, but refused to ban a single shill downvoat brigading me to the tune of -20,000 ccp.

that right there ought tell you exactly where criminal paid shill @puttitout stands. against speech and for the shills.

puttitout is the problem with voat, not the shills.

the shills would be powerless against even the tiny fraction of the community that once grazed these pastures,

if not for @puttitout being one of them.

so since we can't remove @puttitout the nigger shill,

i am currently making a new voat.

prepare your anus, niggers. we're gonna make free speech great again.

(lol the criminal shills' downvoat bot is having problems. my comments page was frozen for 5 minutes, then bam, 0 point to -9 on this comment in a heartbeat. hilarious how obvious you niggerfaggot kikes are!) aahahah look it got a 10th downvoat AFTER I DELETED THE COMMENT!!! ahahahahahahahahhahaahahah

The lying sociopath Hogg was "At home during the time of the shooting." submitted by Pattern_Blind to politics

G0atku 7 points -7 points (+0|-7) ago

you arrived after voat was taken over. i've been here for 2.6 years. look up @sanegoatiswear. i knew eventually the shills @puttitout @kevdude @crensch and some defunct account names like @fuzzywords wouldn't stand for me speaking forever. once they started banning hundreds of users just for upvoting me, and ran a massive 20,000 point downvoat brigade on me (none of them banned!), putting me into severe account restrictions (10 comments per 24 hours max, captchas to post, pm), so i did what i had to do to one day speak freely again on voat. that said, they have a downvoat bot on me tied to voat's api, so there's that. lol. they really want to silence the truth about voat being taken over. most original users left voat after they took over. you, again, got here after that.

so either you don't see the obvious - - that this site is censored and run by shills - - or you're just incapable of it. either way, thanks for keeping rope makers in business!