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deleted by user submitted by mcanonerson to news

FuriouslyAdrift 0 points 67 points (+67|-0) ago

So... leverage in general terms means the investor is only putting up a percentage of cash for the stock, asset, whatever. Typically in margin based investing (commodities) the investor has to cover any difference in what they put up and the actual price at the close of business for the exchange every day (a margin call).

What it looks like is happening in China is that shadow lenders (unregulated lending establishments... we would call them loan sharks or neighborhood banks) are loaning someone money and then they go invest it. The market in China is super over valued. Anyone with even a little knowledge of markets can pick up on that. At this point, their market is a hot potato and you don't want to get stuck with the potato...

It's not inherently bad... if you're selling right now. If you are holding or buying... you're going to take a hit if you can't ride it out for a few or several years to get back without incurring a loss. You add to the fact there's a loan backing it and when you lose, you get wiped out and so does a lender. This is how you get a liquidity and market crisis.

In a well regulated environment, the investor loses their holding and that's it. Maybe a personal bankruptcy or other limited problem but the loss doesn't infect others too much unless it's a huge sector. When you get lenders involved, then those investors lose their personal capital AND still have to pay the loan back. Since the underlying asset of the loan (the stock or commodity) has become devalued when the market corrected, the lender cannot recoup the loan buy seizing it.

You know have a bunch of investors wiped out AND loaded with debt, and a bunch of lenders stuck with devalued loans that may take years to recoup if ever. The lenders stop lending, the investors can't invest or do much of anything. It's bad all around.

Now if this happens (I think the government will step in... which is even worse because of Moral Hazard), I know I will be looking to see if my meager savings can be used to score some sweet deals on a destroyed Chinese market (and massive foreign money flooding in could be a huge boost for them... IF they put strict regulations in place and IF the government lets the market correct itself.)

It's going to be crazy.. that's for sure. I already sold all my Chinese holdings... made a few hundred (which is good for a tiny investor like me). I'll probably not do it again. It was for fun but it was scary. I do not have the stomach for commodities or futures. I'll stick to index funds ;-)

Families of 9/11 Victims on Verge of Proving Government Cover Up in Court submitted by axolotl__peyotl to news

FuriouslyAdrift 0 points 52 points (+52|-0) ago

The Bush family has been intimately linked to the Al Saud's for decades. It's all about the money. The Clinton's are no different. Politics are the same as they ever were.

What's going to be interesting is that the Saudis oil influence is diminishing at a rapid pace and if the Iran deal goes through, you're going to see a tectonic shift in power in the Middle East. Iran is a serious power and a major nation. Saudi Arabia is pretty much just cash and oil.

#RedditRevolt is harassment dressed up as free speech - Megan Condis submitted by Rychek4 to news

FuriouslyAdrift 0 points 49 points (+49|-0) ago

It's gaslighting. The author is trying to twist the facts and reframe the argument to make it seem that her group are victims and not abusers.

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Sysadmins: Soon to join the ranks of court jesters, limners and soda jerks? submitted by levirogers to sysadmin

FuriouslyAdrift 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

There's always going to be a need for sysadmins in some capacity just like plumbers and electricians haven't gone away. Somebody has to actually build and maintain this stuff. The stuff, the how and the why may change but the underlying skills of critical thinking and long term planning along with the personality it takes to do those things will keep the profession around.

I'm Just hoping for a raise sometime soon ;-)

/v/Sysadmin - Under new Moderation. submitted by bitbucket to sysadmin

FuriouslyAdrift 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

I don't know... I'll go post over in /v/kotakuinaction

/v/Sysadmin - Under new Moderation. submitted by bitbucket to sysadmin

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kia delivered! "There is a bot that copies posts from reddit. @cha0s can tell you more."