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deleted by user submitted by Whygod to pizzagate

FuckUredditFuckuSpez 0 points 35 points (+35|-0) ago

He's been crazy correct about pretty much everything relating to the current exposure to The global human trafficking ring,"Pizzagate".

So I'm not even going to look into the reptilian shit because I can't even be confident he's wrong. Like a couple months ago, I'd say a handful of conspiracy's were true.... Now I'm the point where I'm looking for past conspiracy theories, That I dismissed in the past without even giving it a chance, and they all seem plausible as fuck now. Fuck, I would even give some of them a chance... But they still seem like bullshit to me. I actually got pissed at them because I thought they gave the "True conspiracy Theories" a bad name. Like, Fuck me.

I don't need to learn the truth about reptilians at this point. It's too much. If there are reptilian overlords, I'm moving to and Island and living out the rest of my life on hallucinogenic drugs.

#PIZZAGATE ALERT! My Video Report Results in $5 Million Lawsuit Threat submitted by V____Z to pizzagate

FuckUredditFuckuSpez 0 points 34 points (+34|-0) ago

It's easy for me to say because I'm not being sued, But they will not sue anyone, Under no circumstances. simple as that. They have no angle. The accusations are justified, and suing someone only brings light* to the facts that they won't even address in a single a interview since this "scandal" broke.

Edit: key word there is threat. You don't threaten to sue someone who's making such damaging accusations. You either sue, or you threaten to sue... But you don't threaten and then sue.

Source: No source.

watched law and order once.

Huge! FBI pedophile symbols discovered at Disney's "It's a Small World - Greece" submitted by voatsucksreally to pizzagate

FuckUredditFuckuSpez 0 points 29 points (+29|-0) ago

More importantly.... It's in the Greece section. Well, Not more importantly, but still important. The Greek's have been fucking kids since the beginning of time... And ya know, The whole "James achilles alefantis" thing.

I can't believe how relevant that fucking dude ended up being... I hate to admit it, but at first I didn't think James was that vital to this whole thing. Now based on some of the research presented and a lot that has not yet been presented, I'm almost certain this dude runs CIA brownstone Operations....Fucking a, You'd think I'd have learned my lesson and I would stop saying I'm certain... Guess it's gonna take a couple more instances in having my mind blown.

Edit: God damnit. I know I'm super, super, far down on the hit listat least that's what I continue to say to reassure myself.... But Just in case, I meant figuratively blown... Please don't kill me and use that phrase out of context as an explanation for my mind being literally blown.

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Chris Hansen (To Catch a Predator) Charged with Writing Hot Checks submitted by MeatballPizza to pizzagate

FuckUredditFuckuSpez 4 points -3 points (+1|-4) ago

Dude- At least He's not posting jokes from Family Guy or South Park and Justifying the post with "Why would you joke about Pedophilia, Child trafficking Etc.." and for those people.... ANSWER: BECAUSE THEY ARE JOKES.... That's the whole point. Do actual pedophiles and Human traffickers make jokes about Pedophilia too? Sure... At least some. Other's involved with that sorta thing, Probably the majority, Would Try to avoid anything having to do with pedophilia.... If you were a pedophile, and you were trying to hide it- Would you Make jokes about it? I mean, Sure... Everyone is familiar with the cliche Closested Gay dude who vocally hates the gays.... But that's literally the exact Opposite of "making Jokes"

All I know is that I'm not a pedophile, But I could tell you a half dozen funny Pedophile Jokes...Admittedly, I've always been a staunch advocate of "Nothing is too sensitive to joke about" , and I Did Look at differently once Pedogate Broke- But even still. If you can joke about war and murder, you can joke about pedophiles.

And yes, Obviously we all know some pedophiles Do talk about pedophile shit in an attempt to normalize it....But do they?

Are there Literally Elite pedophiles trying to normalize pedophilia? I understand They constantly conduct social experiments on the masses- Trying to normalzie fucked up behavior..... BUT PEDOPHILIA? .That seems extremely counter productive. I mean-That's The biggest Peice to the deepstate puzzle. At one point, Being gay was black mail material(And For some, It still is) but what becomes the new MO for blackmail, if they actually Succeeded in normalizing pedophilia? Honest question.... Because In my opinion, that Is hands down the most effective blackmail.... I mean, if you were going to be exposed as a murder, Or a pedophile- which Would fear more?It just doesn't make sense for the deep state, From a tactical point of view...... But admittedly, The moves made by the deep state in the last few years, seem to be anything but tactical....

Sorry- I literally forgot what The point of my comment was.... Oh yeah, OP's a faggot- but he could be substantially more faggoty

Daily Beast - Christmas Is the Loneliest Time for Qanon Fans submitted by Don-Keyhote to GreatAwakening

FuckUredditFuckuSpez 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

You can do something about what the enemy thinks..Do you think your comment Hurts "The enemy?"

I wonder how many people have been converted to Christianity, Or at least Found a higher power, Based on something a random person said... Vs How many People are turned off from religion.

Meaning If the same person, says the exact same thing, How many people would that person convert, And how many people would be turned off completely.

I'd have to imagine that the overwhelming majority, Would Be turned of from, Or continue to ignore, Religion.

I mean, I guess technically the religious person could say; "Well that's on them....I tried to help."

But is that really on them? Did you find god because of someone else's personal beliefs? What if you're actually having the exact opposite effect? Is it on the other person for not taking you seriously?

I'm not saying Hide your beliefs...I'm just questioning what your end goal is? If it's to wake people up- Then it's about that person you're waking up, It's not about you Your Religious Beliefs will not help wake them up.

Admittedly, I'm projecting... I grew up as Catholic- But from ages 16-26, I was certain that there is no god...When People made comments similar to yours, It reinforced I was justified in considering Religion to be bullshit.

Thankfully now, I'm just as certain there is a god... There LITERALLY has to be.(IMO)

But People Find god/God Finds you...Very rarely is it found through a random persons pure Devotion and all encompassing relationship with god.

According to the Q map- Alex jones is in the same boat as Hillary Clinton, But Sean hannity is a patriot? submitted by FuckUredditFuckuSpez to GreatAwakening

FuckUredditFuckuSpez 3 points -2 points (+1|-3) ago

Do you have a source to what you're suggesting? Because originally He said Q was Legit... And I know at one point he went from "Legit" to "The information Is legit." But That was awhile ago though.

And what do you mean he is trying to profit from Q?

But assuming Jones doesn't support Q- That makes him A traitor? And Sean hannity is a patriot because he has said nothing about Q at all? So Whether someone is a Patriot Or Traitor, Rests on their relationship with Q?

Isn't it Possible that Alex jones Simply wanted to distance himself from Q for legitimate reasons? It's most certainly possible that They will use Q in a false flag at some point.... I mean, why wouldn't they? It is an extremely easy movement to infiltrate. Could it possibly be that alex simply has enough fucking bullshit to deal with, and doesn't want to worry about Getting blamed for another false flag?

Alex jones Never said, "Don't follow or support Q" Yet that's exactly what it seems like Q FOLLOWERS- are doing. Again, I Can't even find the Q drop talking about alex.. I'm pretty sure I was looking at random anons... BUt admittedly I suck at 4chan. I'm confused as to how we even know it's the same Q every time.