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@Atko @ PuttItOut : Please Can We Take Action Against The Far Right Wing Constantly Shitposting Fake News And Then Spamming It With Fake Upvotes? submitted by jinnibug to ProtectVoat

FrozenFire74 1 points 103 points (+104|-1) ago

14 day old account bitching about free speech.

Move along shill. Thanks Chief

Thank you, @puttitout submitted by TeranNotTerran to whatever

FrozenFire74 0 points 67 points (+67|-0) ago

The carefagging is real on Voat

It's day 2 of the RNC... And the 'tens of thousands' protesters are a no-show. Want to know why? Because the Marxists and Socialists pissed their pants when Bikers for Trump showed up. submitted by Rummel to politics

FrozenFire74 16 points 66 points (+82|-16) ago

Socialist/Marxists are the masters of passive aggressive. That's why they have the media wrapped around their middle fingers, and ambush police. They're too much of a collective pussy to actually do anything other than wave signs at protests.

EDIT: Case and point with the downvoats and no comments to disprove me. Raging pussies.

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Fuck ALL muslims. fuck EVERY SINGLE person who defends it. submitted by WeWuzGoatz to whatever

FrozenFire74 14 points -6 points (+8|-14) ago

Not all Muslims are cancer. That's exactly like saying all Trump supporters are racist, sexist, homophobic bigots.

Yes, a rediculous number of muslims are not moderate by western standards, but good muslims do exist.

Do not resort to blanket statements like Antifa and BLM; we're better than that.

Muslim woman asks a question and probably wishes she didn't submitted by roznak to mildlyinteresting

FrozenFire74 9 points -5 points (+4|-9) ago

The problem that people don't seem to recognize is that it isn't just muslims that have used religion to wage wars against innocent people though, the problem is organized religion. Ever heard of the Crusades? Do you seriously think that Buddhists are all just gentle people? Secularism, and a personal relationship with whatever you believe created you is PERFECTLY FINE (Hell, I even believe in some creator), but any organized system involving people will result in atrocities against humanity. The evidence is written all across history, and this video even presents its evidence.

Voat is not an echo chamber; Voat is a meritocracy of ideas (For the newcomers) submitted by Crensch to whatever

FrozenFire74 6 points -5 points (+1|-6) ago

  1. The NWO is the enemy that we're facing, not simply the Jewish Race. There are a plethora of poor jewish people on this planet who the Cabal couldn't give two shits about. Obama, the Clinton family and the Bush family are not Jews, but they are the problem. Yes, there are a lot of Jewish people who are a part of the problem (Rothschilds, Soros, etc), but it's not a Jewish problem, it's an NWO problem. There are enemies in that group that come from all races and creeds, and exterminating every last Jew isn't going to stop that problem from occurring. Stagnate it, maybe, but nothing it couldn't bounce back from.

  2. Niggers aren't exclusive to blacks. Whites, Asians, Indians, Native Americans and Blacks can all be stupid as shit. No one race is perfect, as all races have people whose IQ plummets into the mentally retarded category. Some races trend towards the higher end of the IQ, but the value is in the IQ itself, not the melanin content. Anyone who is intelligent and rational deserves to be treated as an equal to people who are smart and rational. Just because you are intelligent, however, doesn't mean you have a proper moral compass, as is the case with the NWO. You have to be smart enough to pull off global domination; no Nigger (I mean the dictionary definition, not the racial slur here) will be able to do that. Judge people on their character, not on their melanin content. Treat people who have proven themselves with the respect they deserve, and if you have a good heart, give the people who have to try harder the chance to find their niche in this world (so long as that niche doesn't come at the expense of another)

  3. Muslims have their share of extremists, just as Christians had their share of extremists too, just as Buddhists have their share of extremists. Organized religions have always been an excuse to abuse other humans, regardless of their intent. Judge people by their character, not by their religion or race. Yes, Islam has some atrocious dogma in their scripture, but no one here gets to choose which environment they have been raised in. The Catholic Priest molesting children certainly don't represent the vast majority of sane Catholics that were raised with that religion, yet we never question if every catholic supports pedophilia. Islam does embrace child brides, which is no different than the age of consent in certain European countries being as low as 14. Both of those situations are pedophilia and should be eliminated from society, but Voat doesn't talk about the European age of consent nearly as much as we do about how much we hate that child raping Muhammad faggot. And no, I'm not defending Muhammad, but rather stating we shouldn't be throwing rocks when we live in a glass house.

  4. The blue haired screeching femenist who go on and on and on about Mansplaining and the Patriarchy need a good cunt punting, but there is a shred of truth to what they are arguing for, which is treating women fairly. Now, women aren't as physically strong as men, nor do they have the same brain structures that men do; there are definitely differences between men and women that the blue haired screechers deny to their last screech. That doesn't mean they deserve to be treated as second class citizens though. All they are doing is slandering the name of Femenism, which at one point was an honorable goal of giving women the opportunity to succeed the way men have, not about holding back men so that women can get ahead and then claim equality. I've seen it first hand where men don't know how to keep their hands to themselves, talk to women like their children or incapable of intelligence, and genuinely treat women like property rather than another human (this goes for all races), and this issue needs to be addressed.

  5. Every liberal I have seen in the News today is an absolute tard who only knows how to rely on emotions rather than a rational argument. That wasn't always the case. We have liberals to thank for the 40 hour work week, along with the idea of a minimum wage being able to support a family of 4 with only one member of the family working (I say idea since that clearly isn't the case anymore). They also saw to it that children wouldn't have to work in factory systems when their parents essentially sold them off to make more money for the household (Industrial Revolution times in the UK), Workers compensation when you were crippled on the job (not the 'oh my back kinda feels funny, gibsmedat million dollar paycheck' bullshit we see today. I'm talking loss of limb or some other severe, irreparable damage), as well as OSHA, which is supposed to make the work place as safe as can be reasonably achieved for the job at hand. Bill's wife and her battalion of tardicacas just get on TV and whinge and whine about non-issues; they're glorified celebrities. That being said, we have a lot to thank real liberals for, which I haven't seen in a very very long time.

  6. Absolutism ('All these people over here are evil, and I know for a fact that they all belive X, Y, and Z') is no different than the Leftist extremists we see each day saying that all men are evil, all trump supporters are bigots, all gun owners are racists. Saying that all Jews need to die, or all blacks are niggers, or all Muslims are rapists, or all Femenists hate men, just makes anyone making those claims out to be hypocrites when they condemn the people across the aisle of making the same ludicrous claims, just with a different spin attacking a different group of people. We aren't ants; Humans are capable of individual thought. Many choose to keep to the hive mind mentality for whichever collection they align with, whichever side that may be. Those who ascribe to group think like that are as much a part of the problem as the blue Haired screechers, the Gibsmedats, the Aloha Snackbars, and the Bill's Wifes of the world.