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CNN calls out Nazi Frog submitted by Pwning4Ever to politics

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We're memeing our way to the presidency, girls and boys!

A 23-percent drop in enrollment. BlackLivesMatter has officially cost Mizzou 2100 freshman students submitted by CANCEL-CAT-FACTS to SJWHate

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This is hilarious. I would so love to hear what they have to say-wait no I wouldn't. They would just rationalize about racism or "white-flight". There is no reasoning with BLM.

Antifa Writer Beaten Up By Muslims Shouting 'Filthy White', Break 12 y/o Son's Arm submitted by pray_the_gay_away to European

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They'll learn. Oh boy will they learn. I remember idealism and lofty thinking about what the new millennium would bring- and then we did this to ourselves. Our poor children..

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Apparently Hanna is a meerkat now. submitted by WanderingDenna to cats

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Meanwhile on v/coontown submitted by Bilbo_Swaggins to Niggers

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Strange Patrick and Spongebob shooped in? o.0

ALLAHU MUH DIKBAR submitted by CervicalStrike to Niggers

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Is there any rape cases with Non-immigrant-Swedes with which to compare this ruling?