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Can't downvoat the crap? Then upvoat the good., submitted: 6/26/2015 7:39:30 PM, 66 points (+67|-1)

People who DON'T "live for the weekend"; how do you do it? What makes your regular days awesome?, submitted: 8/16/2015 11:44:41 PM, 57 points (+62|-5)

Extroverts of Voat, how do you handle alone time?, submitted: 7/21/2015 10:07:35 AM, 7 points (+8|-1)

Where is the proper place to file bug reports?, submitted: 6/27/2015 10:04:58 PM, 6 points (+6|-0)

A letter to my dismal allies on the US left, submitted: 6/29/2015 11:36:57 PM, 6 points (+7|-1)

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Message inbox empty unless there is an unread message, submitted: 6/27/2015 10:22:04 PM, 1 points (+1|-0)

Chicken chicken chicken, submitted: 8/18/2015 6:41:16 PM, 1 points (+1|-0)

What're your favorite oddball figures?, submitted: 7/7/2015 6:30:21 PM, 3 points (+3|-0)

If imugr is not a recommended image host on Voat, Voat should remove the functionality to auto-expand imgur links., submitted: 7/20/2015 9:17:47 PM, 5 points (+11|-6)

A letter to my dismal allies on the US left, submitted: 6/29/2015 11:36:57 PM, 6 points (+7|-1)

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Families of 9/11 Victims on Verge of Proving Government Cover Up in Court submitted by axolotl__peyotl to news

FreshieD 1 points 100 points (+101|-1) ago

We already know they're treasonous pieces of shit; look how quickly they're trying to give up sovereignty via the TPP. How many of our so-called representatives have come out against that corporatist trash?

After owning apple watch for about two weeks. submitted by Mindforge to gifs

FreshieD 0 points 60 points (+60|-0) ago

Shoulda got a Pebble. All the notificationy goodness of having a wearable, battery that actually lasts, none of the unnecessary fluff, and 1/3rd the price.

Millennials feel too guilty to take advantage of a common work benefit and its affecting their productivity submitted by Morgendorffer to news

FreshieD 0 points 44 points (+44|-0) ago

Is this a millenial thing, or is this a current job market thing?

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Now the cultural cleansers want to ban a familiar Southern word submitted by SirRender to news

FreshieD 4 points -4 points (+0|-4) ago

Uh, what? Media isn't owned by liberals, it's owned by conservatives. Religion is run by conservatives, which exerts more influence in America than academia.

Ted Cruz says Iran could set off Electro Magnetic Pulse over east coast, killing tens of millions submitted by TKCHBL to politics

FreshieD 4 points -1 points (+3|-4) ago

So, basically Ted Cruz just admitted to being a robot?

Is there a reason feminists insist they are fighting for equality yet only fight for things that improve their situation and hurt that of men? submitted by RumbledFeathers to AskVoat

FreshieD 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

FWIW, I am not a feminist. My understanding of "why" is that they feel they're addressing the worst inequities first. I believe there's also a sense that as society becomes more equal, many of the men's issues will be resolved also.