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Birthright Citizenship was never law. The 14th Amendment says "subject to the jurisdiction". Meaning a foreigner's baby is subject to the foreigner's country, NOT THE U.S. submitted by Shekeller to news

FreedoomScript 1 points 8 points (+9|-1) ago

Anyone residing in the US is subject to US jurisdiction. For example, if Mexican national commits murder in the US, he is tried in US courts.

Any child born in the US is, at least in theory, is also subject to US jurisdiction at the time he is born by simple virtue of being on US soil.

Listen to Stefan Molyneux dance around the JQ for 40 minutes submitted by FedExMeYourDrugs to milliondollarextreme

FreedoomScript 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago

Molyneux admits that he’s a Jew in the first two minutes of this video.

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What Is Race Realism? submitted by Tazzermalt to science

FreedoomScript 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

Mesopotamia was established around at 3000 BCE (and was probably Afro Asiatic, not White) That means that “civilization” has only been a thing for 5000 years. The first humans appear in the fossil record 66 million years ago.

Given the massive timeline we’re dealing with, European people developing civilizations that took off isn’t necessarily a result of biology. Nobody developed any sort of significant civilization for most of human history.

Europe also had a hell of a “first mover” advantage in recent years. Success tends to afford more opportunities for success.

Setting aside historical arguments, just consider the Flynn effect. That clearly shows a large environmental component to intelligence.

Hell blacks in the USA are even closing the gap a bit.

The incarceration rate gap is also closing a bit.

(Note: that graph is a tad misleading because it uses total prison population rather than per capita, but it’s still helpful for deriving the trend. The black and white population ratios have remained fairly static for a while)

I’m not saying there aren’t genetic racial differences in intelligence and demeanor. There probably are. However, I think alt right types are way too quick to jump the gun on genetic explanations for everything.

White testosterone is the answer for the SJW empathy trap submitted by Chempergrill to milliondollarextreme

FreedoomScript 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago

I spent a couple years doing blast and cruise on Test alone (no Tren, Deca, or anything like that). I'm not quite an SJW but I am solidly left wing. My politics remained the same while I was on T. Test did make more confident and a bit more aggressive in some contexts (like sports). However, it actually seemed to make me more empathetic. I was less depressed so I could focus on other people's needs rather than remaining laser focused on my own problems.

YMMV. Exogenous test does make you temporarily infertile, so don't expect to make any babies (white or otherwise) while you're on it. I got off it because of blood pressure issues. I want to live past 60 :/

What Is Race Realism? submitted by Tazzermalt to science

FreedoomScript 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago

It is just a dog whistle in most cases, but there are some race realists out there that aren’t bad ppl. Some people believe there are significant biological differences between the races, but don’t advocate for policies that would oppress non whites.

Note: I don’t agree with this view. There are differences, but I don’t think they are significant.