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Victory: /r/Europe is finally being redpilled , submitted: 1/7/2016 6:31:26 AM, 72 points (+75|-3)

PSA: The Cynthia Brown Child Trafficking Story that Kim Kardashian is Pushing is a HOAX, submitted: 12/22/2017 9:42:37 PM, 59 points (+61|-2)

Lessons For Goyims: How Culturally Enriching an Area Makes Banks Money, submitted: 11/19/2015 6:59:08 AM, 50 points (+51|-1)

Meet The International Refugee Committee, The Dangerous Organisation Bringing Migrants to Your Neighbourhood , submitted: 11/1/2015 3:32:53 PM, 48 points (+48|-0)

Blacks & Jews & Dat Lead Money, submitted: 12/23/2015 9:43:36 AM, 39 points (+39|-0)

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Sample Tribunal: Saufsoldat drunkywood and PraiseIPU all found guilty of Jew activity and vote manipulation, submitted: 5/5/2018 6:54:11 PM, 1 points (+2|-1)

Requesting V/Niggers [Alpha Poster that wants to end the Bullshit and Grow the Community], submitted: 1/11/2017 7:39:28 AM, 2 points (+5|-3)

User D3lta105 has been found GUILTY of being a Pro-Israeli Shill, submitted: 5/7/2018 3:59:15 AM, 4 points (+8|-4)

(((Pure Coincidence))) Small Town in Vermont to Get 100 Muslim Refugees, submitted: 7/5/2016 3:04:01 PM, 4 points (+6|-2)

Would you want me to Headmod v/Niggers?, submitted: 1/10/2017 11:11:46 PM, 5 points (+10|-5)

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Account Deleted By User submitted by nomasgorditos to fatpeoplehate

FormerBaltimoreRes 0 points 65 points (+65|-0) ago

Let's do the math! They always use paper bowls so they don't have to clean up, but that tells us how much the mayo beast was really eating

It's eating out of a 12oz paper bowl. Which is designed to hold 1.5 cups though in the picture the bowl is overflowing with food so it's probably more than 1.5 oz. It looks filled to the top with hash browns which are 470 calories per cup (or 705 calories total). It claims one egg which is is 80 calories. Egg whites are about 40 calories per 1/4 cup if we are going to trust her. Two slices of bacon are 100 calories total and the ketchup is 40 calories if we assume two table spoons. Let just trust her that she didn't mix in a bunch of oil (she did). Oh almost forgot the shredded cheese (reduced fat teehee), an 1/8th cup of reduced fat is 60 calories.

*Bacon: 100 calories (50 calories x2)

*Ketchup: 40 calories (2 Tbsp)

*Egg: 80 calories

*Egg White: 40 calories (1/4 cup)

*Hash browns: 705 calories

*Cheese: 60 calories (1/8th cup)

So in total the obeasts meal is at the absolute minimum: 1025 calories

Assuming that it didn't chug down the beatus juice it's already over half of it's recommended daily intake.

African rapes Chinese girl, gets penis cut off by angry mob - NSFW submitted by 1Sorry_SOB to Worldnews

FormerBaltimoreRes 17 points 64 points (+81|-17) ago

These Africans have been destroying the local areas in Guangzhou. This is a liberal area by Chinese standards, they don't hate foreigners immediately like other areas. Taking advantage of this kindness, the Africans target young naive Chinese girls and often get away with it because the girls are too ashamed to admit a black violated them, as it would destroy their abilities to find a husband.

Everywhere in the world where blacks concentrate, whether it's Africa, Europe, America or Asian, they are a violent and destructive force. The response to this rape-ape was brutal, but it sends a clear message to the blacks that the Chinese won't be cuckolded like the Europeans.

For the people who laughed at the tinfoil hat wearing communities of the world, how do you like your crow, fried or baked? submitted by Drain0 to AskVoat

FormerBaltimoreRes 0 points 58 points (+58|-0) ago

Honestly, to those people who even as recently as a few days were ago jeering and saying negative things about people like myself, it's OK. As long as they wake up, I'm not mad at them. I understand that they were under constant propaganda for years if not decades, that's OK. I'm just happy they realize that those of us who were ahead of the curve are rational people who want a better world, I'll call it even.

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Why is prostitution illegal in the U.S.? submitted by G4 to AskVoat

FormerBaltimoreRes 9 points -7 points (+2|-9) ago

That's science not religion, as I stated I'm not religious.

But looking at your post history I feel sorry for you:

6 submissions to Insertions

2 submissions to girlswithtoys

2 submissions to gape

1 submissions to ifyouhadtopickone

1 submissions to ForcedOrgasms

Try acting like a human and aim for higher and better things than "muh dik"

if you think that being gay is a choice, doesn't that make you bi? submitted by PRODEATH to AskVoat

FormerBaltimoreRes 7 points -7 points (+0|-7) ago

Child molestation is how fags are created. But that said, where is the evidence that the ethnic Romans were off fucking each other? Outside of Hollywood I never heard about that. I would almost bet my life that this is another (((story))) being pushed.

If the game is rigged, can we have free speech on Voat? submitted by Scandinavian to ProtectVoat

FormerBaltimoreRes 8 points -7 points (+1|-8) ago

Notice he went to his Alts to start downvoting everyone. Every time.