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Triggered another baby fellator., submitted: 12/17/2018 2:18:52 PM, 195 points (+206|-11)

Former spoksperson of arkansas democrat party arrested for kiddie porn., submitted: 11/6/2018 6:37:53 PM, 136 points (+137|-1)

I GOT two of those energency response THINGS. That means trump likes me more THAN you faggots., submitted: 10/3/2018 7:53:25 PM, 135 points (+142|-7)

Stringbean invented sagging. Niggers need to stop appropriating white culture an sheeeit., submitted: 12/29/2018 10:46:37 AM, 105 points (+108|-3)

The qtard chimpouts are almost as good as the shitlib chimpouts after trump won., submitted: 12/8/2018 2:12:25 AM, 36 points (+51|-15)

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Fucking fifty percent white DNA and it still looks like the missing link. Folks, don't race mix. submitted by shadow332 to JuiceTown

Food_Stamp 0 points 112 points (+112|-0) ago

Imagine having to live with it until it goes off to prison in 12 or 13 years.

And so it begins... Florida Governor Rick Scott(R) Confiscates Guns and Ammo from 450 Florida Residents submitted by Oh_Well_ian to politics

Food_Stamp 2 points 91 points (+93|-2) ago

Good thing we elected these kosher, "israel first" faggot neocohens to protect our rights, huh goys? Also, wasnt that hitler just the worst???

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Democrats are now violently attacking Tucker's teenage daughter in public. submitted by tendiesonfloor to news

Food_Stamp 14 points -11 points (+3|-14) ago

Dont worry goys, im sure trumpstein will tweet about it before sweeping it under the rug.

BREAKING: ANTIFA Mob currently outside home of Tucker Carlson submitted by LakotaPride to theawakening

Food_Stamp 9 points -9 points (+0|-9) ago

They won't be charged with shit because trumpstein works for the same people these antifa fags work for.

Q Posts 1679 and 1680 - Who do you see? - Confirmed Location submitted by srayzie to GreatAwakening

Food_Stamp 10 points -9 points (+1|-10) ago

Q is a fucking larp bro. Did you hear that the gop has decieded not to charge that iranian it tech that was working for DWS? Your shabbos goy is going to let hilldog, dws, obummer and the whole gang walk free.