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Holy Shit; Michelle Obama's Official Portrait is Unveiled, submitted: 2/12/2018 6:35:25 PM, 18 points (+20|-2)

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Holy Shit; Michelle Obama's Official Portrait is Unveiled, submitted: 2/12/2018 6:35:25 PM, 18 points (+20|-2)

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Mueller Now Investigating Democratic Lobbyist Tony Podesta submitted by leahbettsisdead to news

FloridaGuy 0 points 53 points (+53|-0) ago

He's not really investigating Podesta... He's saying he's investigating him so he can tell the world there is nothing there and exonerate him. It's exactly like James Comey investigating Hillary and the email server scandal bullshit.

Black Lives Matter Students Shut Down the ACLU's Campus Free Speech Event Because 'Liberalism Is White Supremacy' submitted by Wolfspider to news

FloridaGuy 0 points 40 points (+40|-0) ago

I would submit that colleges and universities have created this monster themselves. They created it, nurtured it, trained it, and now they cannot control it. They have nobody to blame but themselves.

Some faggot trades his guns for a fresh new vagina submitted by goatsandbros to whatever

FloridaGuy 0 points 40 points (+40|-0) ago

Let me get this straight; he says he wants to be the small change, then goes on to tell everyone else they should do what he does or the world as he thinks it should be will never exist? Okay you sophomoric dipshit, I'll turn my guns in when you go door to door in every neighborhood in Chicago and ask them to turn in their firearms... and they do. Oops, I guess Mr. Altruistic forgot about "Bad Guys" with his holier-than-thou dick-removal stunt. What an arrogant fuck.

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Since many of you don't seem to know this... Trey Gowdy has no authority to prosecute anyone. submitted by Gowdy to whatever

FloridaGuy 32 points -28 points (+4|-32) ago

I know, right? A couple of ignorant people on the site and suddenly he thinks we're rampant with stupid. Good thing he took it upon himself to educate us. How nice of him to take the time for us unworthy morons.

Excuse me now while I derp my way through the rest of my day... herp-derp derp derp derp...

Just Adolf Things submitted by shadow332 to Identitarian

FloridaGuy 10 points -10 points (+0|-10) ago

What a fag.

How to hide a message in plain sight submitted by dooob to GreatAwakening

FloridaGuy 7 points -7 points (+0|-7) ago

Or... for you "Q" retards... you can simply write the message you want down on pretty much any medium, then distribute it however you see fit and it will be in plain sight. I'm not saying you're all retarded... but if it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck...

"Pssst... hey guys, how to we hide a message in plain sight? This one is really fucking with my head". LOL, Jesus Christ.