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List of celebrities that said PizzaGate was fake news w/out giving any reason, submitted: 2/4/2017 11:19:35 AM, 56 points (+58|-2)

Arthaus - New info! Pizza related, submitted: 2/7/2017 9:10:45 PM, 42 points (+43|-1)

Couple gives up child because they can't party, praised and encouraged by others, submitted: 6/18/2017 12:30:54 AM, 24 points (+24|-0)

We are the enemy (voat), submitted: 2/15/2017 8:41:11 PM, 17 points (+20|-3)

What's really happening?, submitted: 4/8/2018 11:05:32 AM, 14 points (+14|-0)

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Marxism & Atheism - The double sided weapon, submitted: 2/8/2017 2:07:10 AM, -4 points (+2|-6)

Trump - We're done, submitted: 8/14/2017 5:21:24 PM, -4 points (+1|-5)

James Damore - Fired Google Engineer, submitted: 8/10/2017 4:26:01 PM, -2 points (+1|-3)

Voat's disturbing subversion, submitted: 3/20/2017 4:58:51 PM, -1 points (+2|-3)

Fake News, Syria and Trump, submitted: 4/7/2017 10:46:46 AM, 0 points (+2|-2)

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WELCOME GREAT AWAKENING REFUGEES submitted by SensibleStoner to theawakening

FakeNewzIsFake 0 points 42 points (+42|-0) ago

Use Archive, don't post links to imgur fags. Enjoy your stay

Canadian man missing for five years found barefoot in Amazon submitted by TheTrigger to Worldnews

FakeNewzIsFake 0 points 24 points (+24|-0) ago

"Man ripped from natural state, put back on good medications and goes back to his cubical"

Milo is calling it quits - say what you want about him, but his last sentence is 100% correct submitted by NorthernMan to OccidentalEnclave

FakeNewzIsFake 1 points 21 points (+22|-1) ago

Maybe he should of attended less parties with very young boys. We did support him, until it came out that hes protecting pedophiles and more than likely a pedophile himself. You don't just go to a party with drugged 11 year olds on a whim.. This was his circle he chose to be around.

If Milo is really asking questions, we should ask some of him. Name the fucking people who drugged and raped children at the parties that you attend. Why are you hanging out with them? His silence on this subject, the subject that ruined his life, is deafening. He promised a major pizzagate breakthrough and at the last 10min of it cut out and NEVER EVER MENTIONED IT AGAIN. This means he is controlled or to scared to say anything useful anyways. He's a Jew and a fag, 2 great reasons to not trust him or his agenda.

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White Man Dragged from Car, Shot to Death by Blacks in Cincinnati "begged for mercy" before he was executed submitted by 1Sorry_SOB to BlackLivesMatter

FakeNewzIsFake 18 points -18 points (+0|-18) ago

Yea, I can see myself dragging a fucking idiot out of a car and more than likely killing him also.

If you don't have children, you have no idea of the primal animal that lurks inside you. I am not saying he deserved to die, shit happens when you harm other peoples children though.

I wonder if the headline was, black man struck child with car, white people dragged him out and executed him.. Would you feel the same? It's important to ask yourself. No need to put white and black in the headline, race baiting for sure since the crime was clearly not racially motivated.

CUCK father buys a new car for his white daughter's black boyfriend. The (((cultural marxism))) intensifies submitted by anon_poaster to videos

FakeNewzIsFake 11 points -9 points (+2|-11) ago

I swear half of voat is bots. Nobody fucking asked you what you believed or supported.

CUCK father buys a new car for his white daughter's black boyfriend. The (((cultural marxism))) intensifies submitted by anon_poaster to videos

FakeNewzIsFake 8 points -8 points (+0|-8) ago

What does that have to do with you wanting to live among white people. You obviously don't believe what you are saying the way it's said, you only believe that ethnically pure states and the freedom to choose so because you don't want to live around others. Not because you believe people should have a choice. LIKE I SAID, NOBODY SAID SHIT ABOUT YOUR BELIEFS. Your past and comment above no matter how you slice it has nothing to do with an ethnostate.